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since it's been 80 years and a day since I've shown my fully Updated Room I figured I share it with you guys because I'm totally in love with it! ****disclaimer****** this is in no way shape or form meant to be me bragging about anything I just want to share my room with you beans and hopefully give decoration inspo to people looking for ideas****

my closet and probably one of my fave parts in my room

my knk , madtown and uniq loves.....I'm literally kpop trash so I have almost 80 different humans pictured in my room

My door ft. got7 , exo(og 12) , demi Lovato aka queen lol and bobby

jiyong sadly I got a new dresser so some pics are covered and I used ultra strong tape stuff so they are pretty much not moving lol
my mirror ft. aomg , NAKEY jay , me and the bae tim, gd again lol , taemin , sexy boy, young bae , jiyongs legs(don't ask) lol
my Audrey & Crew wall ft. Xiumi exo again kohh ikon jiyong again lol young bae a6p up10tion
Probably my favorite wall in my room I am beyond proud of my bts wall it turned out better than I ever imagined ft. jiyong again for the millionth time

my 2pm corner , and my cd dresser

my elvis/Marilyn posters aka my life
Audrey and squad again.....don't mind the crooked couture pic it keeps falling and I don't have time for its nonsense .....but more nakey jay , Ziont , jiyong again for the billionth time (behind the bear is poor zico my night stand barely fit so he got covered)

my aomg night stand aka life pt.2

and lastly my snakes trash cage with got7 stickers all around and gd on the front. ft. his personally photoshoot pic