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If you are a person of the Internet (which you probably are because you are, after all, here), you probably have been seeing a lot of memes centered around the kids' program 'Arthur' floating around social media lately.
Yes, Arthur memes are so hot right now, and while some of them kind of waver in their hilarity, one that's got me shouting "This is my LIFE!" at my screen is the Arthur fist meme, where different people have made pretty good guesses why he's so mad!

Maybe Arthur's a university post-grad on the job hunt?

Or maybe Arthur's trying to find a full-coverage foundation?

Maybe Arthur's got crappy friends?

Or maybe his mom just won't leave him alone?

Anyway, what's your favorite Arthur fist meme? Is it one of the ones listed? Or what's your favorite Arthur meme in general?

Share it in the comments below, or post a new card with your favorite Arthur meme on it!
if someone asked me what % my phone battery was at when they were using my charger I'd say "that doesn't matter, it's my charger now hand it over" xD
@NickySerban LMAO it's true. What a punk.