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Bias Week Challenge
Thank you @kpopandkimchi for making this challenge. Hopefully this will help me realize who my UB is because I'm having trouble deciding between two people 😅
So first of all I really like EXO Xiumin. Like I'm screwed already for having him as a bias. All us Xiumin stans need some praying
And lastly we have Mark. Like I know he's new and all but he's really climbing up the list.
Like I can't choose its hard, but hopefully through out this I can. Xiumin is like a lot older than me but like why he gotta be so perfect. And then there's Mark who is two years older than me and the only bias I have close to my age,and literally like perfect. So perfect that he is escalated real quick in the bias list.
I guess only time will tell when I'll know who it is (−_−;) @AimeeH
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@AimeeH pretty much 😑
a year ago·Reply
@HeichousRegalia awe I'm sorry hunnie! I'm in the same boat XD
a year ago·Reply
@AimeeH The struggle is too real
a year ago·Reply
@HeichousRegalia That indeed it is!
a year ago·Reply
my ub is xiumin also. hes so cute and sexy😍😍
a year ago·Reply