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Today will be a kinky type of day.. ENJOY!!!!

Jin: Seokjin would be slow. Savoring every little thing about you. The whole thing would start with a small kiss and then a little bigger one. All the way until he told you to lay down and he kissed down your naked form. Seokjin would love you in this state, especially if he was still partly dressed. Be it a shirt or just pants, if you were completely bare under him and he still had something on he’d get off on it. Seokjin would hum and groan a lot to let you know just how good you tasted for him. His fingers would slowly trace around your body and if he used them, lord help you girl. The shape of his fingers would hit you in all the right places and have you whining like nothing else. If you got too needy he might tie you to the bed or make you promise not to move. He would curl his fingers and move them slowly as he hummed into your folds and licked you clean. Seokjin would deny your orgasm constantly. Pulling his fingers out, he’d look at your juices on them as your orgasm slipped away. “Here,” He’d say as he sat up and brought his fingers down to your lips. “Don’t you taste amazing?” Seokjin would groan when you nodded around his fingers. He would let you suck them clean before lowering himself and returning to your heat. Seokjin would suck on you as you came and then lick up your folds as you continue down from your high. He’d look over you smaller frame lick his lips as he readied you for what he wanted in return.
Yoongi: I have a theory. Min Yoongi's tongue holds the power of the universe. As soon as his tongue touches your skin, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He’ll have you groaning, gripping, arching your back so high and moaning his name as he worked you. Yoongi would use his hands a lot with his tongue, rather it be by pushing into you when he sucked up your clit or pulling on your perk nipples. He would do anything to get you make those little sounds for him that you would otherwise try to hold in. Yoongi likes a challenge, he’s not going to want it to be easy to get you scream so every little sound you made would boost Yoongis ego and make him really want to continue. At his own pace always. If you begging him to move faster or for more of his fingers he would groan but only let in when he wanted to. Your back would start bending again and Yoongis hand would be on your stomach holding you down and with a simple flex, it would still you. The pressure of him holding you would make you moan and squirm even more, causing another groan to enter your core. Yoongi would lick up your folds once when you came on his tongue and he’d come up to kiss your clit. After a little face holding and a passionate kiss he’d expect for you to start on him.
Hoseok: Hoseok would lay you on he bed really sweetly and then kiss down your body removing unnecessary clothing on the way. When he finally made it to your aching needy core he’d kiss you steadily. Hoseok would do this until you were practically begging him. Your hips would be pushing up and your thighs would be trying to squeeze together but they would never touch because his hands would be holding you open for him. He’d ask you to touch yourself and when he started really groaning at the way you pulled on your own nipples he’d lower his head and start eating you out. He’d start off easy to let your orgasm build slowly. Hoseok would have his hands, palms up on either side of your body so you had something to hold onto if you needed. He would little by little start going faster. His tongue going deeper and deeper as you got louder and louder. Hoseok would groan as you came around him and he would start to kiss back up your body while his fingers pet your heat to get your second orgasm building before he took his clothes off and had you in another way
Namjoon: Namjoon would talk you up first, so you’d be nice and juicy for him. Namjoon could get carried away and start going really fast but when he realizes it he’ll slow down and lick you slower. Eye contact would be big for Namjoon, he’d want to see your face and reaction to what he was doing to you. Although Namjoon would love eye contact he wouldn’t force if you looked away to groan he’d still take it as a compliment but if you want him going crazy, look at him. His hands would be on your pelvic bones to feel when you bucked into him. He wouldn’t hold you down because he’d really want to feel you shake and when you came he would hum on your folds and lick you with his eyes closed. Namjoon would hold your shaking form and watch you pant, getting off on what he had done to you.
Jimin: Imagine Jimin getting you to strip and lay across the width of the bed with your head hanging over the side. He’d always compliment how good you looked. “Do you have any idea how fucking hot you look right now, Y/N?” he’d say or “You look so sexy for me, Y/N.” Jimin would be hard when he called you into the room and suggested you laying over the bed. His hand would come to your neck as he guides himself into your mouth. Jimin would hold your neck as he moved the way he wanted to. Hard and fast. If you cough or gag he’ll just continue with a groan. Your hands would come to his wrist and the felling of you holding onto him so tightly would cause him to groan and moan even more. After he was done you would be all hot from the things he had said to you so he would go between your legs to see just how wet for him. He’d kiss your tummy and thighs before starting on you. Jimin would fucking love eye contact. Especially if you were watching him and the he looked up and caught you looking at him. Jimin would smile and giggle into your core and when he wasn’t doing that he’d be all fucking sexy and you’d scratch at his dark shoulders and he’d groan at the slight pain. His hands would be pulling you forward and pushing your hips into the bed as he pulled on your clit. You’d scream his name as you came and he’d groan at the sound before riding you down your high like you had him.
Taehyung: OMG Taehyung would love to surprise you with oral and I don’t mean like when you guys are already having sex. No, I’m talking about him just watching you walk around through the halls or getting everything ready for tomorrow and then he’s behind you; dragging you to bed or to the sofa. “What’s going on Tae?” you’d ask and then he’d have you in front of the bed or sofa and say “Just lay down, Y/N. I want to take care of you.” AGFGSA His hands would be literally anywhere he could get them. Taehyung would groan into you as he worked you with his tongue and you would moan at the feeling. He’d even try to talk to you but he wouldn’t bring his head up enough and his comments would be lost in your core and it would drive you fucking crazy. Taehyungs hands would hold to your thighs or sides as you pushed up against him. He would love any sound or movement you made. Taehyung would smile when you came around him and he’d kiss up your body before holding you in his arms and kissing your shoulder or collarbones. “How was that, baby?” He’d ask, already knowing the answer.
Jungkook: Dayum Jungkook's curiosity is so on your side when it comes to oral. I am not at all saying he’s inexperienced and shy. I’m saying this boy will be doing his research on what makes you go crazy and he will use all of his studies to have to out of breath and shaking by the time he’s done with you. Jungkook would get off on sitting up and realizing how good of a job he had done. He would curl his fingers and slurp up your wetness (LOUDLY I might add) as you arch your back for more. His hands would be holding your ass or the back of your thighs to get him as close to you as he could get. Jungkook would let you push your hips into his face and pull his hair as much as you’d like. He’d invite it even, but don’t think that will help you too much. Jungkook knows just how to keep you orgasm away and he would until he was done having his fun. He probably wouldn’t realize when you came right off but he’d hear your different panting style and look up at you. The image of your hair sticking to your face along with your arms laid out beside you and your heavy breathing would do so much to him.
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Ok this is not right!!!! The thirst is way too real today!!!!
"Min Yoongi's tongue holds the power of the universe"
well okay jin and namjoon I see you. but kookie OMG he's all grown up and shit
that was...ummmmmm......
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