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If you're watching Orange, go comment on my other card I made a bit ago :P

And on to another edition of Anime vs Real Life!

I love when these posts go up - it's so fun to see the way that anime artists work to bring real Japan to life in anime. It shows that these things, well, they could really happen!!
These are all from the show Orange! It's set in a real town called Matsumoto
Pretty impressive how similar the shots are, right?!
So cool!!!! It's anime like this that really show what Japan looks like, which is awesome for people who want to go there but haven't been able to yet :)

Anybody else wanna go for a visit now?

first comment! I'm seriously putting this anime on the queue, especially since there's a kid. I love when anime go that far, why I like clannad
what anime is that? its really cool
It's called Orange
The anime looks so much more lively than reality. But it is cool to see that they get inspired for the art design and scenery!
Wow thts super cool! I've always wanted to go to Japan and this makes me want to go even more!
@Alcides13 I need to catch up so I can join the hype train :3
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