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There is a video that's gaining a lot of popularity right now and it's the behind-the-scene of 2016 Korean-Chinese drama production, Mr. Right. Someone made a video compilation of the two leads and there is one very noticeable...
The leading actress Wang Xiao Chen can't take her eyes off Ji Chang Wook. She's obviously a big fan of the "Healer" actor.
What would your reaction be if met Ji Chang Wook in person and got hold his hand?!
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@biancadanica98 hahaha I'm trying to imagine that lol. Have you watched Fondant Garden? It's a Taiwanese drama but the leading guy is Park Jung Min from Kpop group SS501. For the most part on the drama he's dub but there's a good amount of times he uses his real voice (speaks in Korean and Mandarin).
@cindystran The voice is higher pitched. No I haven't watched that drama, but I kind of want to because I've heard of it before. Oh that's interesting!
@biancadanica98 it's a cute one. I also love the theme song of this drama.
I mean who wouldn't stare at him 馃挀馃挀馃挀
I would be too nervous to even hold his hand 馃槕 my hands would be shaking and I would barely be able to speak. It would be embarrassing 馃槥