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thank you @kpopandkimchi for starting off this awesome week of ultimate biases. So the question is who is my ultimate bias? well that's a super easy (and obvious) question to answer.
it's obviously the very sexy cute bunny boy Kim Jiwon. ❤ like expected the rapper has my heart. lol. Mr. Bobby of iKON. but I mean honestly it's nearly impossible to not adore and love this boy. if it's not his talent and love for his music, then it has to be the amazingly caring and sweet personality that he has. (and that cute eye smile of his.)
and since it's already the 9th were I live I'll do this one as well.
Honestly I don't really know around when Bobby became my ultimate bias. I remember that right before him Lee Hyun Woo held that spot. but if anything it starting changing after watching him and BI on Show Me The Money 3 and totally loving both of them. Bobby a little more of course. But I think when I really fell for him was when YG dropped the My Type music vid and I could not get over his voice so I instantly fell under his spell. and then only more and more reasons did I find to absolutely adore him
but yep that's about it.
*gifs and pics are not mine.