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If you've been reading my cards you know that I really enjoy watching dramas in the evening and maybe sometimes during the weekend. Although my weekends are usually stay offline to spend quality time with my family.
During the weekdays you can expect me to look like this:

Hi! I hope I didn't scare y'all.

It's a minty mask from LUSH. It looks kind of funky due to the texture and lighting. I usually have a lamp on while watching dramas. Anyways it's very refreshing to put on a mask after a humid day. Though, in reality, it's actually an excuse to prevent me from snacking too much.

Otherwise, this package would be gone before the end of an episode.

This is my favorite ice-cream to snack on while watching drama.

Other things I do while watching drama: Vingling or playing board games with husband. I can't stay still when I watch drama. I like multi-tasking and it's a way for me to justify watching drama and still be productive. I end the night with a cup of camomile tea and read a book for 30 mins before heading to bed. That's my typical drama watch weeknight.

What's your drama mode like? Comment below or make a card showing your drama night. Don't forget to tag me! :)

I just lay in my bed with my phone. And sometimes I sit on my bed with my laptop. I wouldn't fit through the door if I snacked while watching dramas because they make me very hungry.
@MyAffairWith It's roasted seasoned seaweed. You could think of it as seaweed chips.
What is that before the green tea ice cream picture? I wish we had green tea Haagen Dazs ice cream here, but we don't ☹️ I actually can sit through the whole drama without doing anything. I'd have to stop watching if I want to do anything else.
@otakukpoper sounds very cozy. :D
if it's cold I bundle my self in blankets and eat ramen noodles and drink coffee if it's hot I turn on a fan and drink something cold or eat ice cream or something
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