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As much as I like romance dramas I'm more intrigued with action, crime thrillers. To me a drama that is well structure usually has a standard of great cinematography, smart realistic plot, brilliant OST and seasoned actors.
The bubbly, lovey-dovey plot is cute and it's something I can watch countless times. Although, the only thing I probably focus on while watching romance theme is the actor or actress. On the other hand, a crime or mystery theme give me a 'wow' factor.
The ones I enjoy and fall into my list of top-notch action, crime, mystery drama is:

1. Signal

I don't know how many time I felt dumbfounded by the intelligent and meticulous writer. Even though part of the drama portrayed real-life cases, she did an excellent adaptation of the character, evidence and plot. From the first episode to the last episode I could never guess what's next. In a sense, it's symbolism how our society could never settle. Something is always happening and it's a matter of time to solve it.

2. Two Weeks

This was one of Lee Jun Ki's best drama. It's not the first time he worked on an action genre. The first one was Time Before Dog and Wolf and it was the very drama placed Lee Jun Ki on top of my best actors list. He is not just a pretty face. In Two Weeks he plays a character who struggle in life, joins a gang and then gets frame. On top of that he finds out he has a daughter from his ex-girlfriend who is in critical condition. His mission is to stay out of trouble and alive for 14 days to save his daughter. I won't ruin it for you but each episode is a cliff hanger. This man is restless every episode.

3. Ghost

This drama was mind blowing. I was so close to have a phobia of the cyberspace after watching Ghost. Did you know there are cyber investigators? Well, it gets scarier than that. Have you ever thought about what if the country is controlled by a mastermind, who controls the flow of money and economy? This drama is like the surface of the dark web.
Anyone has interest in action, crime or mystery dramas? Let me know I have a list of suggestions in Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Korean! :D
oh I just realized Something Ji Sub is in Ghost, I might watch that.
@biancadanica98 YUPPP! There's a twist though! You'll have to watch it to find out. :D
Yes! Hopefully, the writer will come out with a season 2. Oh! The actress from Two Weeks is also in Three Days. I'll keep it on my list! I'm currently considering Pied Piper.
I LOVED Signal (CROSSING MY FINGERS FOR A SECOND SEASON) and Two Weeks!! Right now I'm watching a drama called "Bad Guys" Maybe I'll check out "Ghost" :) And maybe you should check out Three Days! I thought it was pretty good. It was pretty heavy with politics (which I don't really understand or care too much about. lol) but it was really good!
@cindystran I watched it during the daytime too but some episodes were at night. None were with the doll. I hate dolls, so creepy!
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