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As soon as as I saw dis i was like i have 2 share dis with u guys i cdn't stop myself all infinite and Kpop fans need 2 read dis :) (ARTICLE] The INFINITE members got so emotional that they spilled tears talking about Woollim Entertainment's merger with SM C&C to form 'Woollim Label'. During their encore stage, Sunggyu said, "The reason why INFINITE was able to come all the way here from the bottom when we debuted three years ago is because of our fans. I'm so lacking that I'm sorry to the members, as well. A lot of people misunderstand. The INFINITE team won't change. We'll give you good music and let you hear great music. I'm hurt because people are misunderstanding. INFINITE will not change." Sungyeol said, "We trust our CEO's decision. Everyone, just trust us and follow us. We'll give back as much as you trust us." Hoya added, "When we're done with our world tour, some people will say we failed. But I believe that if we gained anything, however small, at all, it's not a failure. We'll be back upgraded another level with the world tour." Woohyun started crying as he said, "There's nothing we did wrong. We just worked hard to be our best from the beginning. We're always thinking about you. Don't misunderstand. INFINITE will get bigger. Please look forward to it." Sungjong also teared up and said, "I got confident because of you. I'm so thankful, and I hope we could forever be together." Dongwoo said, "I said I was a zelkova tree. When you think of us as a tree, the things that make us exist are our parents, who are like the ground foundation, Woollim Entertainment, who's like the water that allowed us to work / grow, and the fans, who are like the sun that always watch over us. Some can say that INFINITE is bad and some can say we're good. But we'll become an INFINITE that becomes even better the more you cut us down. We'll become a big tree that you can rest under." L also cried and said, "To be honest, we had nothing at first. Now, we have a lot of good people. Even if we go back to the way we used to be, it won't be bad. But a person wants to keep having what he has. I can't imagine not having you. Everyone is precious." i love and respect infinte soooo much after reading i love u guys infinite keep it up :) ur fans love u and will always support u guys u guys r soo cute :) <3 love u guys :) <3 credit 2 allkpop and kim myung soo L infinit @facebook
Wow I'm so like 3 yrs late lol I just saw this card today lol. That's why Inspirits got really angry when that girl group (sorry can't remember the name) said to EXO I think it was that they said they were also under the same label as in SM but it's totally different from Woolim Entertainment
When was this. Omg link plz just reading this made me want to cry as well 😭😭😭my babies I love them so much I hope they never receive bad love or get hurt they don't deserve it they are amazing just the way they are 😘😘😘😘❀❀. I'm a very proud Inspirit