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Malcolm Gladwell on racism, Trump, and the moral licensing phenomenon
Malcolm Gladwell examines the strange phenomenon of the “token”—the outsider whose success serves not to alleviate discrimination but perpetuate it. If a country elects a female president, does that mean the door is now open for all women to follow? Or does that simply give the status quo the justification to close the door again?
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I love this author! I've read almost all of his books. The tipping point, outliers, and I forgot the other ones, but I'm too lazy to look them up lol
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Blink, What the dog saw and David & Goliath. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of him too! You should check out his podcast as well.
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Yeah! There we go. Those are the books I have. I love his style of writing. Thanks, I definitely will when I have better service. I'm currently out of the country and hopping around.
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