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Omg you guys one of my favorite bands is in LA working on a brand new album!!!! It's been sooooo long!!!! I've only been a fan of the band for a few months now but OMG I'M NOT READY!!!! Even though James just got through another surgery on his hand, I don't think he's still able to play the bass just yet is he? But either way I am so excited for these boys!!! And I can't wait to hear their new album when it comes out! Anyone else here a fan of Royal Pirates????
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OMG I love them can't wait
a year ago·Reply
I'm a fan! ♥ Love them all to pieces. ♥
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@Tamaki1618 thank you for telling me that! Lol.
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So excited!!!❤
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I did a card about them a long time ago, they are way underappreciated I think they should be loved more I'm so glad that's there are others that feel the same eay
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