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Omg you guys one of my favorite bands is in LA working on a brand new album!!!! It's been sooooo long!!!! I've only been a fan of the band for a few months now but OMG I'M NOT READY!!!! Even though James just got through another surgery on his hand, I don't think he's still able to play the bass just yet is he? But either way I am so excited for these boys!!! And I can't wait to hear their new album when it comes out! Anyone else here a fan of Royal Pirates????
He can't play bass yet, so he's been on the keyboard for the last comeback and has passed time making music on his laptop, so he will probably be back on the keyboard again this time around as well. Looking forward to the day he beats his wrist injury to take back his bass πŸ’™
I did a card about them a long time ago, they are way underappreciated I think they should be loved more I'm so glad that's there are others that feel the same eay
So excited!!!❀
@Tamaki1618 thank you for telling me that! Lol.
I'm a fan! β™₯ Love them all to pieces. β™₯
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