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Bias(es) in Got7

Mark, Bambam, Jackson

All three are just adorable. How can you not bias them

Bias(es) in BTS

Jin, Rap Monster

Both of them are so freaking adorable and sexy at the same time. I love them both so much.
(I bias them all, but they are my main biases)

Bias in Purfles


Wooyoung is so unique! I love her so much.
(I bias all of them, but she's my main)

Bias(es) in f(x)

Amber, Krystal

I could go on and on about Amber. She's so amazing and pure and she cares for everyone. Krystal is so cute and funny and she has such a kind heart. I love them so much

Bias in SHINee


He is also my UB. Jonghyun is such an amazing person. He's cute, funny, passionate, inspiring; he's overall an amazing person. I love his music and I love how much passion he puts into his songs. I love him so much. (I couldn't resist using this picture. he's just so cute!!)
(I bias all of SHINee, but he is my main)
(Pictures not mine. Credit to the owners)
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