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Well to be honest I have a lot of biases from a lot of groups, But there's one that will forever always be in my heart.
And that person is Zico ❤️ I shall explain why in the next 2-3 blocks , yes I just said that I probably might spam you guys while I'm at it.
Okay so when I first joined Vingle I didn't know much Kpop groups, at the time I only knew CL, 2ne1, and BigBang and EXO. I remember making my first card (here) and a lot people at the time recommending me groups and someone had recommended block b and Zico as a solo artist. I remember looking up a photo Of every group those people recommended me. And I when I searched up block b ~ I kinda liked them I wasn't totally fascinated with yet and I didn't know that Zico was also in block b at the time ( this was before I knew the names of everyone in the group) and one day I went to go listen to their music and I automatically clicked with NalinA ,Nallili Mambo, Her. And then I finally got to Very Good ~ and I don't know why but Zico just stood out the most to me and I ended falling for his little buns (here) and he ended up knocking Namjoon out of his spot at the time. Since then I have been in love with this guy
you didn't tagg me...so i want to be tagged
@NasiaWright okay ❤️