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I actually like Prince Diamond and his brother so much more than tuxedo mask/mamoru xD I mean Mamoru just ran after a 14 year old girl, himself being 21! If you think about it it is so messed up hahaha xD He also went out with Rei, making it even worse, that guy is just out for way too young teenage girls! Prince diamond on the other hand fell in love with the grown up and mature serenity :D Way better :3
agreed. Diamond and sapphire are so much better, hands down. If you think about it though, he did kidnap 14 year old Usagi so he could make her fall for him. also, in the manga, darian/Mamoru is only a second year highschool student, not a college student, so.. slightly less creepy
ö_ö ... omgosh... i've never really thought about that... didn't really liked mamoru after season one bc he seemed such an powerless ...whatever XD Nonetheless the card is wonderful :3 i like prince diamonds faceexpression XD wonderful card <3
Hahah the whole Series is messed up regarding relationships xD chibiusa Fell in love with her Own dad, mamoru is pedophile etc lol xD