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So true though, I don't just suddenly look prettier after taking off my glasses and taking down my hair....wish it was real but oh well
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@Chokomoca Naw sorry I'm not going to change what I said. I'm always pretty. That's that. That's your personal problem if you somehow get something negative out of it. I didn't say crap about anyone. I never mentioned anyone else. I never said I was anyone else. Do not blame my words for your misunderstanding and assumptions. Stop trying to find some deeper meaning and take it how it is.
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@Chokomoca If the person's words are not directed at someone else then it's not about someone else. other wise you're assuming.
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@Priscillasdoor you "said crap" about me tho. know what you said. well anyways, i'm done here.
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@Chokomoca You know for dang well I mean my original comment. but fine be a smart butt. good bye
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well that escalated quickly
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