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Wha wha wha eottokeeeee !! XD i know i have Seen exo and Super junior merxh Shops on tumblr Q.q Wha i dont know xD !! I just want everything!! Lol xD Hmm i will think and search some Sites :) i will Tell You then <3 <3 OMG You are so nice q///q !! Someday i will go Shopping in Korea too <3
hahaha xDD no problem @daggy I am leaving seoul in 9 days though xDD you have to decide ppalli ppalli hahahaha
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 내 <3 남사합니다 <3 hope that was correct xD i have Problems with the right writting hahah xD Maybe you can look for shinee Posters? I really love them but i dont have any Posters to Display in my room q.q and maybe exo Stuff -lightsticks so that i can fangirl in Front of my pc q.q
hahahah XDDD okay, roger! And how do these lightsticks look like :D?