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So recently ive been feeling quite down and not my usual self. When I'm like this i often find it hard to cheer myself up, but lately i found something weird that makes ne happy , by making me laugh. It sounds totally normal but kpop memes have become my source of happiness. I know the point of memes are to make us laugh, but the fact that they are to drag me out of the dark places i go to, makes me extremely thankfuk fir 5he peoplr and fandoms out there who make them. Gomawo <3 The point I'm trying to make is that if they help me , then they'll help others right? Im thinking about posting one meme a day everyday and perhaps a song that makes me smile too, just so others can be happy too ... Please let me know your thoughts or perhaps a better idea and how to make people happy
just do what makes you happy and you'll probably end up making others feel the same. btw those memes got me dying xD
@adeleLynn I agree with @princessunicorn I love reading and looking at memes, not only because they are the source of laughter but also because some provide good insights about the person in the memes. I started following BTS simply because of a meme that was made about RM's comments that I found very inspiring. if it wasn't for that, I would not have cared to learn more about BTS.
@salo Thank you for this , i hadmt really thought about it this way, but you have made me think about how much i have learnt about each of their characters or how much inspired me. Thank you 💚💚
Aww okay thank you (: