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↝Seungri↜Reason of Love!!!
Hello everyone!!! Who do you love!!!
Seungri!!!! Why??!!
Yes!! He is handsome, but this is just part of the many reasons.
Yes!! His lips are pretty, but this is just part of the many reasons.
Yes!! He like to search himself online….this is just part of the many reasons.
The main reason is…..I think you all noticed!!!
Just look at that!!!!
Just look at the “Curve” nice “C” shape!!!
When he does his moves!!!!
Make us want to (*coughing…coughing*) <------only pervert eyes can see the meaning behind the coughing.
I just want to firmly grasp.......this card and all its details it's just put together so well......and if there's time I'd firmly grasp something else too 😈😈💃💃 something else I meant some holy water to spray on these hands after I firmly grasp that ass .....I meant grasp that grass.....I'm mowing my lawn of course ...*nervous laughter* 🙂🙂
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@KwonOfAKind...I knew you will enjoy "PERVeKwonnie" you never let's us down on the "things" you love to do...I mean "mowing your Perve...Lawn" of course!!!!
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