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find the original card located somewhere around here, i thought i left it here. Nope it's over here. Thank you @kpopandkimchi

This isn't a tough question.

I lied. So let's start with the


I have found Namjoon when they were promoting Dope! At the time Kwon Jiyong was my UB, and this was the case cause he was how i first got into kpop. How did this guy drag himself to the top? At first it was the dimples. And then I saw him with silver hair. Shortly after I discovered his solo album, and fell. At this point, Namjoon had worked his way on an actual bias list. That's right I didn't have a bias list until Joonie showed up. What really made him take down the Kwon was, I'm not sure I can remember correctly. @Helixx was there to witness the tragedy. I want to say I was watching a Bangtan bomb and he did something that just sealed the deal. Now when I see my Joonie he is just so peace and calm. AMERICAN HUSTLE! THAT'S WHAT IT WAS! (sorry i just remembered what the cause of the fall of Kwon) I almost don't have a reason to love my Joon Bug any more, until..... dun dun dun!!!
This guy right here! I was safe for the longest time with just one UB, until I watched and episode of BTOB Diary.


He came in like a wrecking ball! Almost quite litteraly. I had the struggle for the longest time. Up until recently, like maybe 2 months ago did I accept Squishy as a second UB. When I say they fight daily, I'm not kidding. I have proof that they know where their existence is in my life. PROOF Anyway, Squishy is just the opposite of Joonie. He super works out, although recently he hasn't been keeping up with Hyunsik. He is older than my dear young Joonie...haha I'm a noona to Joonie Though they both can rap and are amazing, Minhyuk has a little more credibility to him than Namjoon. What I love the most about Suqishy is his name, he goes from Hot Sexy member Minhyuk to Squishy Squirrel in an instant.
I threaten to put them in a spartan battle to the death all the time because they are constantly competing for my love and affection.