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WARNING: Mild Language, Adult Situations
He comes waltzing out of the dressing room, tugging on the vest. He looks up at you with a raised brow, “Well, what do you think? It still feels really loose. I’m not sure about these pants either.”
You glance up from your phone in time to see him tugging on the waist band. With a critical eye you notice the pants are a good 2 inches too big around the waist. You stand up and walk around him. Tightening up the cinch in the back of the vest, you ask, “Is that better?”
He rotates his shoulders, lifts his arms and rolls his head.
“Yeah, thanks.”
He turns a full circle, “Well?”
“It’s not up to me it’s totally up to you. Can you move like you need to in those pants? Is the extra at the waist good or bad?”
You grab the waist band and pinch it in on each side. He does a couple of knee bends and hip thrusts while you hold it, to test it out.
“Yeah, much better loose. I can always wear a belt if I need to.”
You nod and move back to your seat. He stands there an extra minute staring at you, shakes his head and wanders back into the dressing room.
You glance up at his retreating back and let out a silent sigh. This job is going to kill you. When you took the job as a personal dresser to an idol, you had no idea how hard it would be. It isn’t strenuous, unless you count the stress on your heart. Trying to not have any reactions; like when your hands are against the warm skin of his waist, pinching his pants. When you fight getting flustered; when he hip thrusts that close to not only you, but your hands. You’ve had to start using a cooling body spray that reduces your sweat so that he won’t see the signs of what being that close to him does to you.
You close your eyes, five more minutes, you can last five more minutes and then you’re free until his appearance tonight. Closing your eyes perhaps wasn’t a good idea as your mind plays back how good he just looked when he walked out to show you a concert outfit option. Your shake your head and put your chin in your hand. Maybe it’s time to look for new employment?
You lift your head as he comes back out, shirtless this time with just ripped jeans on. You give him a questioning glance as you try to keep your breathing even.
“Well, that will certainly get you attention. What number is that look for?”
He grins like a little boy, “Not the concert, home. But you really think the ladies would like this?” He looks at you eagerly.
You grin and nod, “What’s there not to like? You had a question?”
He stares at you a few more minutes, rolls his eyes with a sigh and turns around.
“Never mind, I’ll be dressed in a minute.”
You start repeating your mantra again, five more minutes, just five more minutes.
When you arrive at the dressing room that night to help him with his suit choices, he is already waiting. Dress pants on, shirt tucked in, open at the throat, sleeves rolled up and his choice of tie hanging loosely around his neck. You have to catch yourself on the door frame. Definitely need to find a new job before you jump his bones. You straighten and clear your throat to alert him that you're present. He looks over, stares at you a minute, then his sexy, dimpled smile appears and blinds you.
You can’t help but just stare, WOW. Damn. Shit you are in so much trouble. Maybe you should tell him you aren’t feeling well, if you touch him, you’ll implode.
He stands and saunters over to you with a tilt of his head.
“Well it’s about damn time.”
Confused, you look straight into his eyes, “Excuse me?” You check your watch, “I’m right on time, did something change? Am I late?”
He takes your hand, pulls you into the room, and kisses the top while walking backwards. He keeps your hand, his eyes locked on yours.
You try again, “I’m sorry if I’m late, no one informed me of any changes.”
Keeping his eyes on yours he turns your hand over and kisses your palm. Your body can’t hide its reaction anymore. He’s intoxicating. The feel of his soft, warm lips on your sensitive palm has sent your pulse skyrocketing and goosebumps spread throughout your body. You know your eyes have dilated when his smile changes and his eyes dilate in response.
“What are you doing?” you whisper in defense.
He pulls back and shows you his outfit, doing a full turn. “This is the outfit huh?”
You have no idea what he’s talking about.
“Yes. If that’s the suit you would like to wear, that’s your outfit tonight.” You’re trying with everything you have to focus on the reason you’re here. “That tie works really well, let me just…” you reach over and button the top button of his collar; begin tying his tie.
He stands there and watches you, unnerving you even further. He’s never paid this close attention to your actions before. He reaches up to grab your hands as you finish. “Noona…”
You look up at him questioningly? “Yes?”
The make-up artist walks in right then, he quickly releases your hands and takes a step back.
“I have something important after this appearance and will require your assistance. Can you be back in two hours to assist me?”
It isn’t unusual for a change in schedule; thankfully, you don’t have any plans.
“Yes, no problem.”
“Good, I’ll have the car pick you up.” At the look on your face he continues as he sits for make-up, “You’ll need to come to my home, I hope that doesn't make it a problem.”
You shake your head, “No, of course not. I’ll be ready.”
Two hours, enough time to go home and take a cold shower and pull yourself together.
When the car pulls up, you’re in your jeans and a sweater. After your shower, you really didn’t want to put work clothes back on. Hopefully he won’t mind since this is an unscheduled request.
When you arrive at the apartment the driver takes you up and points down the hall.
“He said he’d be in the closet waiting for you. Turn left and straight back.”
You nod and head in the pointed direction. You try not to be too nosy as you pass rooms but you can’t help but look in them; you’re human after all.
When you reach the last room, you knock softly on the door and call out his name.
“Come in Noona,” you hear from a different door in the room.
So this is what his bedroom looks like; you take in the big bed with very masculine sheets and comforter. Not a lot of decoration in the room but personal items are scattered on the nightstand and dresser. You round the corner to the closet and stop cold.
You thought your shower had helped, damn him. He's still in his suit from the evening but has discarded his jacket. His tie has been loosened and is sitting just below the second button he’s undone of his shirt. Again, his shirtsleeves have been pushed up, the veins in his muscled arms standing out as he’s standing with his hands in his pants pockets. You swallow and approach him.
“So what are we dressing you for tonight?” You ask as you distract yourself by letting your fingers and eyes slide over his shirts.
Your head whips around, your eyes big.
“Oh. Well, perhaps you should have asked the lady in question than. I’m not sure I can totally help you since I don’t know what she likes.”
“Neither did I for the longest time,” he comments as he start walking closer and stops less than a foot in front of you. “She’s very good at keeping her feelings hidden; I’ve tried and tried to get a reaction from her without any results.” He laughs and tips his head back, “I’ve even tried being half naked with no result, I was beginning to think she was immune to me.” He looks back down, his eyes drilling into yours. “Do you know what a blow that is to a man’s ego?”
You smile, shake your head, and take a step back. “She must be blind. I don’t know any woman that is immune to you.”
As you turn back to the shirts, your hand stops at his next words.
“Who knew that being formally relaxed was all it would take.”
You look back over your shoulder, “Formally relaxed?”
He steps back and does a slow turn. “Isn’t that what you’d call this?”
You’d call it damn hot, seductive, thrilling; relaxed, okay if he insists.
“Sure, why not. So are you keeping that on or would you like me to pick out a fresher shirt?”
He closes the distance between the two of you, “Heaven help me, I hope not.”
“You hope..” is all you get out as he turns you and plants his lips on yours. Your eyes widen in shock, than close in bliss as his mouth starts moving over yours. When your hands come up and grip the sides of his tie, he lifts his mouth and rests his forehead against yours.
“It’s about time something penetrated that barrier of yours,” he says in a strangled voice.
You can’t belive your ears, you look up into his eyes and see nothing but desire and need.
“Me?” you manage to squeak out. “I’m dressing you tonight to seduce me?”
A devastating smile appears, “Can you think of anyone who knows your likes better?”
You try to wrap your head around what he’s saying; try to pull back but his arms tighten around you.
“Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get your attention Noona? You always have that damn stoic face, if anything got through it was gone so fast I wasn’t sure I saw anything at all.”
“Why would you be trying to get my attention? You've never shown any indication that you liked me in any way.”
He tugs you closer, his indication fairly obvious.
“I’ve learned quite a bit of self- control from you lately. You can’t believe how relieved and happy I was when you walked in tonight and couldn’t mask your reaction.”
He lifts your chin, his gaze penetrating through you. “Tell me I didn’t get my signals crossed.”
Signals crossed? You’re about to implode in this man’s arms! If you could crawl up him or eat him, it still wouldn’t be close enough for your liking. You drop all your defenses, cup his handsome face in your hands, and lower his head back to yours.
“Thank God,” he mumbles against your lips as the kiss moves from ‘come here’ to ‘you’re mine’.
It was a pretty rough night last night, my biases even let Jun.K in to try and cheer me up. I finally just turned on XIGNATURE and went to bed. Woke up to a selfie on Instagram from Xia :)(Not the one above) That helped. So, here's to all our sexy, talented men that help us through our days and nights (even though they don't know it.) Enjoy the sharp dressed men. Gris ♥
Formally relaxed is for sure the hottest
Omigosh I'm the same bloody way! Sure I love them half naked but there's just something about idols in sexy suits...mmhmm...sorry must wipe the drool(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ・*:.。. .。.:*・
mmmmm hmmmmm! It sure is!! #NoonaLikes
Yes thank you. Long, awful week at work. Crashed/slept last night finally. Thanks for the yummies to help cheer this noona up too! 💜🐨🐼💜 (My koala, your panda 😉)
when jun.k kicks in the feels and all my lovely hottest come out...where have you been all my life xD