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Chapter 13 ************** ~LEO P.O.V~ My head was pounding from the hit I took in the head. You would think me being a vampire, I would have know that the person was there but I didn't because I had my gaurd down. "Well, Well if it isn't Prince Charming himself. Tell me Master Leo, how is your head?" A voice asked. Shaking my head and holding it while looking up to see Dongchul stabding infront of me with a smirk on his face. My blood boiled as I was ready to get up and fight but only to see that I was cuffed by the stongest chains that would be hard to break. "Where's Areum?" I asked as I tried to show no worries about her but I knew he could see right through me. "She's not here with us. That idiot left her in the fire when I specifically told him to bring you and her to me." He hissed between his teeth. "But I have you so it doesn't matter now." He said to me. I tried to get up but He knocked me down by kicking me in the chest. He kicked me a couple more times in the stomach and punched me in the face. He laughed at me and I clenched my fist. "Not so tough now." "Will play some more later, now I have to plan on getting Areum back to me." He smirked and walked away from me. I groaned and heard noises in the corner. I looked to see two naked people hanging from the ceiling by cuffs. "Master Leo?" A male voice questioned. "Areum father?" I questioned back. "Yes." A faint answer came from his weak body. "Why am I not surprised to see you two here." I muttered to myself. "Are you going to kill him?" He asked me as I tried to gain my strength back. "If its the last thing I do, yes I am." "Can you tell Areum that we are sorry for treating her the way we did. Can you please look after our babygirl?" I sat there in silence as I could hear his sobs. "Back then, my wife and I were going through a tough time and we took it out on Areum. We shouldn't have but we did. After three years of her disappearance I cried for my babygirl to be back home. I would look at her picture and say  Daddy sorry for treating you that way. Daddy misses you and loves you." He sobbed as he told his story. I sat there and took it all in. The sniffs and the sobbs coming from the parents. My thoughts kept me occupied for the time being. Areum face popped up alot as I longed to touch her. I just got her back and now I lost her again because I was stupid to see what was going around us. I sent a message to HakYeon to tell him to not come yet and that I'll let him know when to come. ~Areum P.O.V~ I opened my eyes to a bright light again. Someone was touching me, I tried to pull myself away but there was a sting pain and a hand stopping me from moving. "Relax, it wont hurt you as much if you don't move" Doctor Kim said as she patched up the burn on my arm. "Your really lucky they came on time or you would have had a second degree burn. Its only a first degree but it needs to be taken care of twice a day. I nod and notice that I was in my room. The door opened to reveal Master N. Doctor Kim got up and nod before leaving the room. Master N grabbed a chair and sat next to me. He studied me for a second before opening his mouth to speak. "Right now we can't do anything. Leo is sending us messages to tell us not to come until he wants us to come. We need to be ready when it does. But for now you and Nisha need to relax and not doing anything while us guys find out a plan." Master N told me. I had choked on my saliva but nod to him in a response. He nod and got up to leave. "TaekWoon needs you to be strong for him and not doubt his abilities." He left with that. Laying back in the bed. I stared up at the ceiling as I tried to relax. Tossing and turning, I couldn't get my nerves to calm down. My door opened the second time and Master Ken came in with a tray of food. I sat up as he placed the tray on my lap. "Here, Doctor Kim said to make sure you eat and talk these medicine to keep you calm." I nod and thanked him. He sat there while I eat the food. I was sure he just wanted to make sure I was eating and not starving myself. After eating and taking the medicine. I felt myself getting drowsy. I laid back and pulled the covers over me. Master Ken took the tray and walked out of the room while truning off the light before he left. ~LEO P.O.V~ I heard a door open and foot steps coming in. Chains rattled and screaming from Areum mom. I opened my eyes to see Dongchul hand wrapped around her neck. "Oh glad to see your awake. Just in time for the show." Dongchul looked at me. I watched him as his hands travel down Areum's mom body. She had tears running down her face as she tried to not move. Her whimpers filled the room. I was sick to my stomach as he sexual harassed her in front of me. I wanted to turn my eyes away but I knew her and his life would be on the line. "You sick bastard" I struggled against the chains as he laughed. "Would you rather be him or even better...." "You?" "I swear on my parents death that I will kill you with my bare hands." "Yes yes only if you can get out of those chains first." He said dropping Areum mother on the floor. He stepped closer to me and kicked me in the stomach. I doubled over and tried to catch my breathe. He kneeled down. "I will end you" he sneered. I looked into his eyes and spit in his face. He wiped the spit off and stepped back to walk across the room. Areum mother was being hanged back up again by two guys. They came to me and undid my cuffs as the grabbed both of my arms. I knocked them off their feet and headed for Dongchul but stopped when I felt like my insides were burning. Screaming in agony, I feel to the floor. Curling myself to make the pain go away. "Tsk tsk. What a shame." Dongchul said while curling his fingers in my hair and pulling my upper body up.  "Shall we have some fun?"
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