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I had to stay a whole day, due to the act that I had to get surgery done on my vocal cords. They wanted to remove the damage tissue that was making it impossible for me to speak. I had waited a week in and out the hospital. I went to my last appointment, to only leave with news, that I couldn't wait to tell Simon.
To KiSeok Sweet:
Hey oppa, I got some news,
when you're done with your schedule
just let me know.
I started to head over to AOMG for work, as I got an interesting reply. I waited til I made it to AOMG on my motorcycle to read the reply message he sent me.
From KiSeok Sweet:
Me too,
I'm actually at AOMG,
They cancel my schedule due to weather.
I ran upstairs to see Simon wasn't alone. The whole crew, even Hiep and Chase were here. I snuck over quietly, making sure at the very least Simon didn't see me. I told anyone that saw to not tell, with a simple gesture of my index to my lips.
Everyone just smiled and granted my wish, but didn't leave the room, so they could witness. "I love you so very much, Jung. Ki. Seok. oppa." I spoke, as I hugged him from behind, straddling him. While surprising everyone around us. "Lavi-ah!"
Simon turn around to smile at me warmly. "You just spoke? Is this your surprise?" I nodded my head as he held up two folders. "Well here's mine... one is the surprise the other is something you need to do to get the surprise."
I glance at him, before taking the folders. One of them was paper work, making me a citizen in South Korea, as the other was a paperwork to a house. "KiSeok oppa I love you I do, but a house?" I sat down beside him, as he looked a but sad from my reaction.
"We agreed that either apartment is too small for the both of us. A house allows us to have that space, and the crew or family can stay with us when needed." I took a deep breath, as I looked at the papers. "Well you do have a point, but are we owning this house together or renting it?"
He petted my head, hand took the folders from me, to place on the table. "Speak what you are feeling right now, So I can understand what making you so weary." I looked up at him, as I was glad he was noticing this.
"We met in June, started dating in August, got promise to in October, and engaged in February. I don't want to get married until 2018. I want us to take our time, and not rush into serious things like actually owning a house together."
The room was quiet, as I remembered we were still with the crew. "Glad to know we weren't the only ones thinking you two were going too fast." Chase spoke up as I looked over at them all. "Well I can understand why he doesn't want to wait, I feel that way too. I would actually love to even had a daughter in the future."
Simon pulled me onto his lap, and kissed my shoulder. "I just want to do stuff like marriage and buying a house when it feels right, not rushed." I turn to face Simon and tapped his knows. "Same goes for that daughter."
He just smiled, and playfully try to bite my finger. "Well then, I'm glad I got you this engagement gift." We both looked over at Jay, as he handed me a binder. I open it to see photos of a really nice apartment, with a nice mix of Korea's culture and US culture.
"Jay its perfect... Will you marry me instead?!" Everyone laughed as I got up to hug him. "Shh don't tell Simon, you're already my work wife." I pretended to be shock as I wave my hand at Hyuk Woo. "Does that make him my work mistress?"
Hyuk Woo hid his face in his hands as I made moment more entertaining. "Yah as long as it stays in the company, we're good..." Simon smiled warmly as I went to sit next to Hoody. "Oh really, Okay, than Hyun-Jung unnie is all mine. She the only wife I will ever need."
We gave each other a big hug, as we both smile and laughed. I loved being with my family in AOMG. Made the world so much brighter. "Excuse me." Someone in a suit, looking like a bodyguard, knock on the glass. "Miss Ryan, I've been sent to get you."
Everyone looked at each other, as I slowly got up. "What's going on?" He looked over everyone as he purse his lips together. "I was told it an urgent family matter. Not allow to tell anyone but you." I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms.
He sighed in defeating since he was one of the men I had previously train to be a guard. "Its Tyson... He was involved in gang violence, and was shot. He's in the hospital right now." My arms fell to my side, as my heart stopped.
I don't remember even thinking at all. I had booked in seconds, jumping over the couch. I ran straight to my motorcycle. I got a text as to what hospital and drove off towards the location without my helmet on. I seriously wasn't thinking at all. Just knew I needed to get to my baby brother now.
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