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My all-time favorite...At Brioche, Escario Central, Cebu City
@miranpark88 in the Philippines, especially in is a must to try our Lechon, it is a roasted pig cooked over charcoal. The skin is crispy and the meat inside is soft and very tasty. But other than that Cebu is also know for its other dishes such as adobo, mungbean soup, grilled or barbecued meat, seafood dishes. Hope you don't mind me asking...are you Korean?
@iluvcayenne really??? :D i would love to go to Cebu and visittttttt :D just relax awayyyyy! is there any kind of traditional food from cebuuu???
@roselee89 @miranpark88 I will load more pictures and do let me know when you plan to go to away...i will make your itinerary for you and who knows we can meet up!
yummmm that apple pie looks so GOODDDDDDDD that ice cream melting!!!! you should definitely make more of theseeee caz i would use this as like my little guide when i go to cebu!!!!
@iluvcayenne Thanky ou for all the pictures from Cebu! I want to travel to the Phillipines sometime soon, I have only been to Thailand before. I am taking copious notes on which restaurants to go when I visit Cebu! Any other recommendations?