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I was tagged by @GamerKyumin to make a card all about my lovelies :) so here we go!
I'm sure everyone knows my bias IS eunhyuk! I don't try and keep it a secret ;) love my anchovy
my bias wrecker is both Siwon and Donghae. They are both so sweet and loveable!
It's You will forever be my favorite
this dance is crazy good :)
Super Junior M because of Henry!
Mr. Simple
again Mr. Simple
Eunhae 4ever!!!!
Kyuhyun has the voice of an angel
I'd marry Henry. he is basically my ideal type: plays piano, has a beautiful smile, sweet, funny, and just all around wonderful.
thanks for tagging me! E.L.F reps. @KokoroNoTakara @TwistedPuppy @kpoplifeu @kpossible4250