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I already said who my bias is yesterday on @kpopandkimchi 's card for the beginning of bias week but for those that didn't see....
My UB is none other than Ravi, I make it totally obvious but just in case
Let us just take it in #^_^#
Honestly I have no idea, it's one of those things that snuck up on me like just yea.... I feel like I need to put something but it was literally like he wasn't and then he was lol
well I will try and stay on top of the cards this week, see you in tmm's card and thanks for reading ∩__∩
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there is a way
a year ago·Reply
do you want to message each other?
a year ago·Reply
that would probably be better than commenting forever lol @mrshansanghyuk
a year ago·Reply
yeah I'll message you
a year ago·Reply
sent a message to start the chat @mrshansanghyuk
a year ago·Reply