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DAY 15 - Drama with the worst ending in your opinion?

Decades ago, an elite team of South Korean security officers carried out a covert mission in North Korea to kill the top officials responsible for an attack on the South Korean president. But when the successful team returned to the submarine to take them back to South Korea, a sniper shot all the officers to eliminate all traces of the mission from the outside world. Officer Park Moo Yul (Park Shin Yen) sacrificed his own life to save his best friend, Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong), who is the only survivor of the mission known as “Clean Sweep.” To fulfill a promise to his best friend, Jin Pyo kidnaps Moo Yul’s son, Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho), and raises him in a remote area of Thailand to become an elite combat soldier while patiently plotting to seek revenge on the “Council of Five” Korean government officials who planned operation Clean Sweep. After earning a Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, the highly trained Yoon Sung returns to South Korea to work at the Blue House’s National Communication Network Team and carry out Jin Pyo’s plan for revenge under the codename “City Hunter.” Yoon Sung is aided in his quest by Bae Man Duk (Kim Sang Ho), a gambler he saved from thugs in Thailand, and by Kim Na Na (Park Min Young), a Blue House bodyguard who finds out his real identity and falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk), a son of one of the Council of Five, tries to root out corruption in the government while also trying to track and learn the real identity of the City Hunter. Can Yoon Sung succeed or will his heart get in the way of his ability to follow through with his mission?


To start off, I actually really loved this drama. Almost everything about it was great but the ending is what got me. It was so flawed and I'm not the only one that knows that. Anyone that has seen City Hunter knows it.
It starts off great, has lots of plot and romance. I never got bored and marathoned this drama so fast because of how I just couldn't stop and wanted to know what would happen next. Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho worked great together and my impression of Park Min Young was amazing. She lead me to watch Healer which became one of my all time favorite dramas because of her and Ji Chang Wook of course. Amazing chemistry in that.
Now I didn't find Min Ho and Min Young to have the best chemistry but at least they weren't awkward. They had some chemistry. I felt the sincerity in their acting and feelings for each other.
My favorite scene from this drama is where Na Na comes to save Yoon Sung. She spots that Yoon Sung is already badly hurt and someone is pointing a gun at him to shoot. She runs in to block him from getting shot and gets shot instead.
Yes, it's cliché but I love it. She protects him and Yoon Sung beats the other guy up so he can't get back up to fight. Yoon Sung runs over to Na Na as she is bleeding to death and is crying asking her why she jumped in front of him. And she said "You've saved me twice. Is this the pain you've felt?". Then she passes out and he is trying to wake her up.
This is the last Lee Min Ho drama I've seen, I saw Heirs, Personal Taste and Boys Over Flowers before City Hunter and City Hunter is my favorite drama I've seen him in. He is really hot in this drama, I love his long hair and awesome character.
The action scenes were great, the music was amazing. I love "Suddenly" by Kim Bo Kyung, it's slow at first but the build up is what I really love.

Time to talk about the ending!

One of the main characters: the prosecutor dies. Like WHY? This made me bawl, that made the ending even worse.
Then in the last episode father and son point a gun at each other. Yoon Sung points a gun to his own head, starting to tear up and Na Na comes in with a gun. The man behind Na Na pushes her out of the way and lets the father shoot at him but then Yoon Sung runs infront to block the bullet and gets shot instead. It's like a never ending game of shooting. Then Na Na shoots the father, the father knows that he will die. A group of men come to protect them and the father takes the bullets out, points it to the men. Then he gets shot about 10 times and falls to them ground. I don't know how but he still managed to move a little somehow to reach towards Yoon Sung. Na Na is sitting next to Yoon Sung as he is laying on the ground with a bullet in his chest. Father and son both shot reach for each others hands and hold hands. Then that's the end of that scene. It's seems as though they both die together but no. We see Yoon Sung meet Na Na after that scene. That is the last scene that ends the whole drama. So we are told that Yoon Sung is alive. I assume that the father died considering how many bullets he took plus it shows his grave and the prosecutor died.
But this is the worst ending I've ever seen in a drama. How did he live? What happened? So many questions and no answers, it doesn't seem like a happy ending and it feels unfinished...
That's my reasoning to why City Hunter has the worst ending in Dramaland!

I encourage all of you to play along by making your own cards or answer in the comments, what drama YOU think has the worst ending is!

Let me know! ^.^~
@biancadanica98 Seriously City Hunter had the worst ending ever!!! The ending gave us no closure!!
@bianicadanica98 yup!! So i don't really like it.
@biancadanica98 actually i think the story was fine, they just didn't settle the ending. Like do the main couple end up together or no. It was never clarified.
@Mavis2478 It is quite the coincidence!
I didn't like the ending for Prime Minister and I, also Cheese in the trap.
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