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Alright, hmm where to start with this?

I had been listening to Vixx for a few months, and was still denying the fact that they had entirely destroyed any previous bias groups I ever had. I knew the moment that I saw how adorably shy our Taekwoonie is that he was gonna be up there, but for a long time I had been declaring that there was no possible way for me to pick an UB.
I knew that I had already said I wouldn't choose so for a long time I denied it and tried to keep my other biases running strong. Then I went on my first Leo binge and I was a goner. I made a card declaring my UB the next day XD Alright not as complex a story as I made it seem, I will admit that. He basically destroyed my heart and every ounce of resolve left in me.....the end!

This week is all thanks to @kpopandkimchi, so I shall include a link below. It's pretty great, so I highly recommend taking a look at it :)