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#5 - Xiuchen

Even though I'm not a huge EXO fan, this ship is too good. These two are so adorable.... They even went on vacation together without a manager! Their first vacations on their own as adults and they go together...

#4 - GTOP

So G-Dragon and T.O.P have been friends since school both doing music for themselves. When GD went to join SM as a trainee, T.O.P stayed at their hometown. GD didn't want to join a group without T.O.P so he had him try out. T.O.P ended up being too overweight so he tried again months and pounds later after working his ass off and they started the group Big Bang. These two are inseparable. And so cute together...

#3 - Jihope

Okay so everyone ships Jimin with everyone but I specifically like his and J-Hope's relationship. The way they look at each other.... It explains itself.

#2 - Markson

Just look at these pictures. And uh look at luna1171's card here: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1650546?asrc=copylink

#1 - Suga x Sleep

Yoongi's love for sleep is forever.
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When I saw the last one I started laughing my butt off 😂😂😂