1: 2 1/2 years
2: Jin was my first bias he caught my heart in seconds....
3 and 4: my bias now is all of them like god how can you choose their all too cute and funny.
5: it took me 4 days in total to know each name and real names...but their voices that was easy afterwords.
6: Hell yeah I watched mostly all of them since the beginning video to end. 7: Like I said hell yeah I have.
8: Yeah I purchased a Bangtan Jacket for my birthday with my mom permission. 9: It was "Your My" it had Jin,Taehyung,Jimin,V in it.
10: "I Like It" by Bts Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool
11:Taehyung..I tend to act my best,but smile through out..I'm weird in my own way...and accept it..and I'm usually full with practical self,yet suprising self.
12: I would think of J-Hope as the brotherly line for me. J-Hope with his hope and somewhat feel I get from him. can't explain it.
13:Taehyung he someone who fun at times,but when he try he become a diffrent person.
14: When they wear suit....it my favorite one of stage outfits.
15: Would be both songs.