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I was just talking to @cindystran about various silly scandals in Kpop and she told me about this SUPER ridiculous one!

Basically, Victoria from f(x) uploaded a picture to her Weibo of her meal that day...

Normally people would just say "yum!" or "looks tasty!" but not netizens...

They found a reflection in her SPOON.

The internet blew up when netizens decided it was Changmin from TVXQ!

Do you think this is silly or do you love netizen detective work?

I'm both horrified and impressed by their attention to detail >.<

I honestly think Netizens need to be hired for murder cases, cause if they are that observant of a freaking spoon, then. ..
I'm impressed someone got that worked up and curious as to the reflection of the spoon. If this was me I would just be like give me that food! But no someone points out a dude in the reflection...
To be honest I'm laughing so hard 😂😂😂
@AimeeH LOL I absolutely have the same thoughts. They would be solving cases in a matter of minutes! hahaha
I didn't know about this scandal, but as you said, both terrified and impressed with netizen's hawk-like eyes. Tbh idgaf about scandals unless they are really disrespectful against our idol's humanity.
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