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I know Jin posted some recipes on their blog but I never bothered looking for them... they found me yesterday though, haha ^^ No regrets, his comments made me laugh~~ (tysm translators TT fr) so much so that I went and read as many of his cooking blogs as I could find ♡

This is the one that popped up outta nowhere and started it (:

I'm so hungry rn >< I'd eat steak on luggage with him any day~


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@Gameboygirl2 I don't think I can be as passionate about anything as Jin is about his food.
Hes so adorable omg
I need Jin to cook steak for me lol
@KpopQueenaBee YESS. Can we just have a fanmeet where Jin just cooks all armys steak and we bring him lots of food.
@Bangtandoll Yessss let's get it done