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Bias Week (1)
Hi everyone! So it's bias week! I know it's late. I literally fell asleep as ii was making the card. XD I know I'm not the best at posting cards and especially with posting cards on time, BUT I PROMISE I will do my best. I should probably set reminders. XD Anyways! As most of you know, I'm a Mod supporter for the Topp Dogg community. With that said, my UB is in Topp Dogg!
This beautiful human being; one of the four amazing dancers of TD, is my Ultimate Bias.

Shin Ji Ho

Better known as Xero. A few fun facts about him.... -Birthday: February 3, 1994 (ONLY 9 DAYS OLDER THAN ME) -Dancer, Vocals, Rap -He's one of four dancers in TD and is a part of the Wizard Unit, the dance line. -He's a thief. XD He has a tendency to "borrow" things from his members... Especially when in a competition. -He is VERY competitive. It's rather adorable. Ok. Enough chit-chat. NOW FOR THE PICTURES!!
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Xero is so handsome!
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@MelissaGarza HE ISSSSS
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N is my bias
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