thank you to the lovely @taetaebaozi for tagging!! youre awesome, girl ^^ not an ARMY, but still doing it anyway lol
1) ive been a fan for a little over a year now 2) suga. after dope, he got my attention and i was like "yaaaaasss boo!! slay!!" lol 3) suga (lol) 4) as much as they all literally destroy my bias list, jhope and jin are the main two that just wreck me!! 5) hmmm....i cant say how long specifically. for the longest time all i knew was rap monster, jungkook and suga. i guess after watching intro: prolouge i got the hang of everyone 6) not all of them, theres too many lol 7) again, waaayy too many to keep tabs with... 8) so far, the only BTS-related thing i have is HYYH Pt. 2 ($22 at KCON well spent, lol) 9) School of Tears. It was one of my intros to Suga and plus the message behind is so deep i cant not have it on repeat 10) I Like That
11) as much as i say i relate to Suga on multiple levels, id say im most in common with Jungkook. for one, we're both young so a lot of things we do our elders dont really understand. also, we're quiet and shy around strangers but loud and crazy around friends. but yea, Kook is probably who i relate to the most 12) a member that id see as a brother would be...Jungkook. idk, to me i dont really see as boyfriend material. i mean, dont get me wrong hes really good-looking. but to me he'd be like my closest guy friend, idk 13) Seokjin. He would make an amazing actor. hes so dramatic and experienced. plus, he went to school for acting so it only makes sense 14) i really, REALLY liked what they wore for Butterfly. idk, for kpop i love it when they wear fedoras and turtlenecks. its kinda my aesthetic... 15) We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2. it was my very 1st BTS song and MV so it only makes sense
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