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here is day two and shout out to @kpopandkimchi for coming up with this idea for the week.
Junhyung became my UB when I was hooked into kpop. when I started listening to B2ST I couldn't take my eyes off of Junhyung. of course at that time I called him Joker since I could not prounoce his name.
at first when made him my bias was his looks. he is so handsome that I love waking up to see he posted a photo of himself on IG. I know sounds weird but that it one of many things that can make my day.
however what really got me was his voice. I have many other biases and most of them are rappers or from Busan. what makes him my UB is his unique way of rapping along with being a genius at composing and producing. here is a video of all the songs woth his rap all on one.