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Remember that ridiculous show that aired at the end of last year about working out? It's called Ani Tore EX and was meant to "teach girls to work out" but really was more aimed at....."watching girls work out," I think.
If you hadn't seen it, I had written a few cards about it, so you can check those out!

I'm here to tell you that someone tried THE workout!!!

He did it.

Seriously, it's hilarious watching someone try to take these workout videos seriously & do them, when obviously (even as he points out) the goal really isn't working out :P

But hey, whatever gets you moving, right?

As for the show, it's not good enough to really work out, but if someone is really out of shape it might be a good motivation and starter to go to the real gym.

Who's gonna try with me next? XD

@sharnkaur it's Ani Tore Ex or Anime De Training! Ex
@hikaymm well kind of but i didn't make the video like the guy, so no one saw that, and nobody will lol, hey i needed motivation though 馃槄
i already started 2 weeks ago, you're welcome to join.
@szewwy me too
Lol 馃槀
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