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This game was found by @luna1171 and the original card can be found HERE This is going to be lets get started...

1.First bias:

JB... Like seriously since I saw him in Dream Knights i knew he was the one. He stole my heart from day one! The savageness and sweetness of his character just stole my soul!

2. Current Bias:

JB no shocker there. He is my husband!! Of course he is my current bias because he is my UB. how can you not love JB all the things he does. Lord help this JB trash because I will be his trash in till the day I die!

3. Bias wrecker:

Every member in GOT7 lol Seriously every other member trys to wreck me... Like seriously everyone keep your bias in your lanes because I wanna live a peaceful life with JB ಥ_ಥ

4. Favorite Ship:

Im torn between 2Jae, JJproject and Markson lol I cant choose!!! They are all just so beautiful in their own way!!!

5. Favorite Vocalist:

Ok...This one is a tie between JB and Youngjae. I can not and will not choose between them. 2Jae is just life. When you seen them perform 1:31am live they steal your soul!!!

6. Favorite Rapper:

Although I think Jackson Bambam and Yugyeom are good Rappers. I feel Mark just lures me in more when he raps. I dont know why but his way of rapping is just right for me!

7. Favorite Dancer:

I feel like Im betraying JB but this one goes to Yugyeom.... He just lures me with his dancing. Lord knows this boys has to carry a 19+ sign because those dancing skills are out of this word and are not for the light hearted....

8.Favorite song:

Confession song and Something Good....I really love them. Confession song to IGOT7s is that song were we knew we would always be together through thick and thin because at this time GOT7 was going to have their Seoul concert but JB was unfortunately injured yet we as one came together and sang his parts and created our beautiful ocean. For this the song will always have a special place in my heart. As for Something Good, its just gives me butterflies in my stomach and its was made by the one and only Defsoul how can it not be my favorite!

9.Favorite Chero:

I really love all of GOT7s choreography. If I have to choose I say "If you do" "Stop Stop it" and "I like you"

10.Favorite MV:

This one is hard but it has to be either A or If you do. A is just cute and well If you do is the opposite. But they are both just beautiful.

11.Favorite Era:

My Favorite Era is either Mad era. That comeback had so many bias wrecking and the choreography was amazing!

12. When you become IGOT7?

I became an IGOT7 around the beginning of July and have been a proud IGOT7 for over an year now and hopefully more to come!. Which is also why it was every emotional for me when I met GOT7 during their FLYinUS tour (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

13.How you Become IGOT7?

I first was introduce to GOT7 when I saw dream knights. I started looking them up and found out they were a kpop group. The first video I ever saw was Just Right and since then fell in love with GOT7! *♥_♥*

14.Where are you from?

I live in Denver Colorado!! Anyone else lol I feel like there are no kpop fans here! IGOT7 groupie:   @2Jaebam
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Recent are right, they are all Wreckers 😍😍😍 lol