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This week I want to do something different. Instead of going over mandarin phrases I will introduce you special numbers. I got this idea after explaining to a friend yesterday about number and alphabet homophones in mandarin. These are commonly used in Taiwanese drama. It will be hard to spot if you don't know the language. However, if you are a meticulous drama watch you will spot it in text messages.
In short, it is a similar concept to acronyms like LOL (Laugh out loud) in English. The only difference here is you're playing with pronunciation.

This is pretty straightforward, but, please let me know if you want further explanation or want to learn more number references.

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@Gladness yeah! Same concept!
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How do you pronounce Xiang under the 5-3-0? Great card!!! Thank you for sharing this!!! ☺️
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@MyAffairWith you could think of it like this Xi = She / An = Aun (from Auntie) so Xiang = She-Aun. Or another simpler way of pronouncing "Xiang" is "Sean". So, if you want to say I miss you, you can say "Woah-Sean-Nee". I hope this make sense. I tried to use words that sound identical to the pinyin.
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@cindystran it does. What about Sheng?
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This is cool. A friend sent me 88 and I didn't know what it meant! (assumed bye bye after she stopped writing :'D)
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