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Day 2 of @kpopandkimchi bias week~ ^^ So my UB is Sungmin of Super Junior & just a little bit after I became SuJu's fan I started looking into solos done by all the members at Super Show concerts. I was leaning toward Eunhyuk or Kyuhyun as a bias and I clicked on Sungmin's solo Mul Deul Uh
I HONESTLY WASNT EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO IT after I clicked on it. I was actually scrolling down the side looking for another SuJu video watch UNTIL..... Sungmin hit that first note in the chorus. ALL my attention immediately went to the video and I was completely taken in by his performance for the rest of the video. Pretty sure I teared up during the long note he belts out towards the end~ I have music background and as the song ended, I REALLY had a appreciatation for Sungmin's musicality with the notes, his vibrato, & crescendo of the notes <3 I didnt have to think twice about my bias after that moment. Like Sungmin is the quiet member in SuJu, and he is subvocals BUT he is also a good dancer~ and honestly all around good performer. cuz of course I then focused on Sungmin allll the time cuz hes my bias which basically means he grabs my attention at almost all times. And turns out Sungmin has a buuuuunch of random talents & hes a crazy quick learner from watching others.
Like legit Lee Sungmin can do martial arts, hes super flexible, he has power vocals, he stars in musicals, he speaks fluent Japanese, hes a good dancer, hes the AEGYO KING...his aegyo is not even a joke... but he also has such a cool aura too him at the same time
I have always appreciated Sungmin's talents, it is great that he gets enough love from you πŸ˜„ Sungmin surprises me so much 😭❀
After reading your card, I feel like I haven't been appreciating Sungmin's talents. Its like you said He's underrated. People are missing out