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I owe all of you a sincere apology. I haven't given up on writing, just recently have gotten somewhere stuck between writer's block and busyness and exhaustion. I've been struggling with figuring some things out, but I think I've finally gotten to the point where I'm ready to open up my notebook once again.
I thank everyone for reading, and if you no longer wish to be tagged in my writing, I understand, please let me know.
For your knowledge, I will be continuing to write my Siwon story "From Your Lips to God's Ears". I will also be writing one shots, all based on your submissions, and the submissions of my readers on my tumblr page. Follow me if you like, or not if you'd rather not. :)
ALSO!!! I will be starting two new stories.
One is a Super Junior story, with an original female character, and a lead male who will be named, in the story, eventually. ;P
The second, is a BTS story, that is still in planning stages, so it will be a while before it pops up on here. I may make a few polls, to get some ideas. :)
Here's the thing. I'm going to post a card with the questions to answer if you want to submit for your very own one shot! :)
I'm excited to see where things go, and I hope you are too!
Tagging my readers:
Tagging my peeps:
It's all good! Everyone gets writers block and I am glad to hear that your busy life is hopefully slowing down a bit. I can't wait to read your stories!! 😄😃💖💖
Don't gets in the way of a lot of things. :)