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Here's chapter 2! Hope you enjoy!!
You and Alli get to the BTS makeup room and you split the members like you did with SHINee. You get Suga, Jungkook, V, and Jimin. Alli gets Rap Monster, J-Hope and Jin. BTS's makeup is easier to do then SHINee's so you can handle 4 members. You first start on V. He's for some reason really quiet, and that's not like him and you didn't want ask what was wrong because you believe that that's rude. So you continue to do his makeup and tell him that your done with his makeup. He gets up and just sits on the couch. You feel really bad to. Then you go to Suga, he doesn't wear a lot of makeup, and plus you know that he doesn't like to take off his makeup, so you always put light makeup on him, he always falls asleep when you do his makeup. But, somehow you manged to keep him awake today. "Are you sure your ready? You've barely got any sleep!", you say. "Ya, I mean I'm always tired so, well not always, but you get what I mean. But anyway, I'm fine.", he responded. You finished his makeup and moved on to Jimin. "Hey", Jimin said. You nod. You and jimin got in a little fight while you did his makeup last. It wasn't pretty. He didn't even preform. You really don't want to talk to him, so you keep your mouth shut. You finish his makeup and go to Jungkook's seat and he's no there. You start to ask people where he was, and nobody had a clue. Where was Jungkook?
(Sorry this part is so short, in return the next chapter will be a long one!) @Animezkpopgirl @matty0203 @serenitylynn
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