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So, about my work crush again.....(yeah I know, "good gods, more of this?" well, I'm not good with anything that deals with emotions and other people because I avoid all that like the plague.)
-Markiplier impression- But anyway!
So, um, I'm having a really hard time reading the situation with him, normally I can read people pretty well but I've suffered some abuse in the past and I kinda started to believe some of the things people (mostly my biological father) have said, true or not, and I honestly don't see myself as someone's partner, or that anyone else could see me like that either. I've had a friend tell me this guy likes me (which could mean anything, just friends, more than that, or some weird person he works with and mostly just tolerates. Anything.) I really don't get it and I'm about done trying to figure it out.
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If you've shut your door at least leave a window open. If someone really wants to get in (to your life), they'll find a way in 🚪