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Welcome to day 2 of Bias Week!
If you missed @kpopandkimchi's event announcement, please check it out HERE and join in!
Now, are we all ready for story time?
I'm rather new to the world of Kpop, to be honest. I'm just over a year since selling my soul to the Kpop Gods and it is all because of T.O.P.
Now, I have heard Kpop before. One of my best friends has been listening to it for years so it was something that was always playing in the background when we hung out. I recognized songs and knew vaguely of different artists' names but never really listened to a song.
Then, she insisted we watch the music video for this group Big Bang's new song, Let's Not Fall In Love. So, there I sat, cell phone in hand, scrolling through Tumblr as I always did, when all of a sudden....
'Uri saranghaji marayo'
I froze and just listened to those first few lyrics, instantly and completely taken with the voice I was hearing. I looked up and saw this breathtaking man and knew that I was hooked. I wanted to know how he was. I wanted to listen to every song. I wanted to listen to him talk in interviews.
I was done for.
It's crazy but I knew he would be my ultimate bias before I even looked up and saw him. His voice was all it took and that was why this song was the one that finally made me sit and pay attention to Kpop.
There is no preparation. There is not instrumental intro. There is just his voice before any music even starts. My heart still races and I freeze every time this song comes on Pandora or my Ipod.
Since then, I have completely fallen head over heels for him. His sense of humor, his endearing awkwardness, his dancing, his endless talent in music and acting, his hobbies. He captivates me and intrigues like no one really has.
Many have tried since I immersed myself into the world of Kpop but no one will every take his place in my heart.
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omg that is a rough video to fall in love with, they all look SO GOOD