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So dog owner Josh Pitruzzella sent his dog to the groomer - only to find that most of her body hair was shaved off, and they'd given her ears a blowout, making her look a little bit like "a rat on meth".

The conversation continued on Twitter:

Okay, but is the haircut really THAT bad? Am I the only one who thinks she looks kind of cute like this?

Let me know what you think about the dog's new 'do in the comments below.
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@danidee I get my dog a hot dog 馃槀
@danidee lol... I'm game! I have a Pomeranian that demands to be shaved bald every summer. he's pretty old so the heat gets to him easily. I give the dogs fresh cold water I keep in the fridge and he will stand in the water bowl to let me know it's time to shave him.... lol. I tried doing the Teddy bear cut on him and he hates it!!!!! lol. when he gets shaved bald, he will prance around happily to let me know I did it right!
it doesn't even look like a rat to be honest, its adorable
It looks like a luxurious supermodel lol.
I think its cute!!
Right? I thought so too. This guy's lame!!
It's as bad as a poodle cut on a toy poodle
Hahahaah, that's true.