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https://www.facebook.com/KOREAWWOOF?fref=ts In this photo, I did farming work with my friends in some village like 2 hours away from Seoul. This is not the organization WWOOF as i linked above. But for those, who want to experience the farming life in Korea, you could register as an member in WWOOF KOrea (They are international organization by the way, I did it once in Netherland as well) I highly recommended this farming for those who want to experience more about Korea lifestyle, not only K-Pop, and K-drama things. They also offered 1 days farming trip with the fee is 15000won, (15usd).
Is it open program for everybody ? So may I have more contact information about the program.
Thank you so much!! : )
@leungwaifish i am on a trip now, i will send you the email of that organization when i come back to town :)
Can you email me with the contacts of the farm or the organization you joined this experience, please? I definitely wanna try this out! Thanks! manja_king@yahoo.com.hk
@JohnLee if you need any help let me know :)
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