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The Korean movie 'Train To Busan', has become not only popular domestically, but also overseas. Train To Busan reached over 10 million views! The Korean Times How amazing!
The film has attracted attention internationally, with major U.S. production companies such as 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures, fighting for the rights to remake it. Gaumont, Canal Plus, EuropaCrop, and various European companies have also joined the competition to reserve the film’s production rights. “Train to Busan” is especially relevant and appealing to France where high-speed trains are a significant part of everyday life. This movie has already been sold to 156 countries and earned a revenue of 30 billion won (about $27 million), “Train to Busan” is proving to be huge hit, with remake contracts now lined up at its door.


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Train To Busan is about a man (Gong Yoo), his daughter, and passengers become trapped on a train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea. The movie was released July 20th, 2016. Over a thousand tickets were purchased in Korea, when it was first released. For more info on this movie, click here Here are two movie trailers you can check out if you haven't watched it yet!
Honestly, I don't think there should be a remake of this movie in the U.S. I don't like when they remake Korean movies because it just doesn't feel right. It doesn't have the same feel as it would have in the Korean movies. It would feel plain and probably boring. Nevertheless, I'm glad the movie is very popular overseas. What are your opinions on the remake of 'Train To Busan'? Do you think there should be a remake or no? Comment down below! *Photos and videos does not belong to KpopINT. Creds to the rightful owners.

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Now, I want to watch it even more! 😆. But I'm not sure about the remake, I mean I watched "Old Boy" the remake and they butchered it! After I started watching Kdramas I started watching Korean movies and was surprised by the quality and the great story telling. If they don't want to ruin this movie they need a big movie studio with big budget to give it the remake it deserves! 😐
I really want to watch it
N-O!!! no remake, just appreciate and acknowledge d original film, I thought the whole zombies movie thing was played out until I watched this movie, it was so good and felt authentic and left me quite emotional, I really don't think a remake will do this movie any justice.
Or you know you could just appreciate how great the original film is, and stop this annoying trend of remaking movies, the movie is fine as it is, just release it global cinemas with subtitles.