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I adore this idea, many thanks to @kpopandkimchi
However, As of recently, I've been having a serious crisis of Bias in the past couple weeks, and I don't know exactly if I'm only avoiding the change of bias that I know has happened, or if I'm not only avoiding it, it's just not happened.
So, up until very recently my dear Choi Siwon was my UB. No if ands or buts. But recently, his bandmate Park Jung Soo has been in a very nearly world war three type fighting for the position, and I think it's time for that war to end. So, for this week, I'll be doing each of these cards for both of these boys, and at the end of the week, I'll decide who holds the title of Ultimate Bias of my hearteu.
So I've sort of answered this. I have my dears, Leeteukie and Siwon. I've got a problem. They're both beautiful, fantastic, pretty much just amazing people. Please enjoy the dearest boys.
I have good reason to feel mildly dead and a bit confused, right?
Tagging my peeps:
I miss Siwon a lot right now.....about a yr and a half left of military service.
I always loved Leeteuk. I think I'm just really drawn to leaders >.<