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my 1st bias is JB.
xD my current bias is still JB.
my bias wreckers are BamBam and Mark
my favorite ship is Jackbum
my favorite vocalist is both JB and youngjae. can't choose I love both their voices.
my favorite rapper is mark
favorite dancer Yugyeom
favorite song Can't
Favorite Choreography Homerun
Favorite MV Fly
Favorite era Just Right
I became IGOT7 during the Mad era. the reason started with my interest in JB I didn't know who he was or what group he was from but I loved his eye and his voice. when I first saw him was when I was looking at post on Kpop Animo then after that I was finding random kdramas to watch and I found Dream Knight. I loved got7 on Dream Knight and wanted to know more. didn't take long after to fall for 7 dorks. xD I am from South Carolina the not really any kpoppers center of the world. xD but I like how I became low-key obsessed with JB bc of his looks specifically his eyes and smile. didn't know who he was. without realizing it he stole me from Kai. don't have a tag list was tagged by @SusiBosshammer
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we can fangirl over JB together πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ