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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! How are you all doing? I hope you are doing well. We are back again with the next chapter of Diamonds are Forever!! Now I would like to thank @Sailynn for the awesome idea for what to do in this chapter. Because of her evil self I have been hounded to post more often and She is great at coming up with things for me to write into the story. How this story ends is all thanks to her and I hope you show her lots of love on her BigBang fanfic and soon to be released Namjoon fanfic. (Why do I feel like this is always a one sided war? You are loosing my lil maknae!) But lets get on to the story shall we?
If you haven't read Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend I suggest you go read that before starting here because you will not understand half of what is happening this season. You can find all of those chapters....
SUMMARY: Three years after Nanami left Jin in the night, the boys have become well known and widely loved idols. She goes to every concert and watches every TV appearance, but with Rick on her heels she can never be near him. With another major heist in Korea can she contain the urge to reach out to him while she is back?
Now just to clear this up. The boy's personalities might be a bit different from what they are like in real life, but I do not personally know them and this a FICTION story. Please take this into account as you read. Thank You.
All eyes turned to gauge her silently. One pair in particular stared on in complete shock as she helped herself to an empty seat at the almost full table. “Hello boys.” She turned a dazzling smile as she looked around the table of faces. Conmen, thieves, and those she suspected were mob or gang members looked at her curiously.
“Sorry little missy this is the grown men’s table. The beginner games are in the next room.” Nanami bit back the retort that sat at the edge of her tongue and looked at the man curiously. She knew he was a high bidder on the black market and she had even made deals with him before. She smirked to herself, there was no way he would recognize her seeing as she never made the direct deal herself. He would however, know her name, most thieves did. Nanami was one of the best diamond thieves around, and anyone with dealings in the diamond market knew who she was.
“I know.” The men looked at her as if expecting her to leave. Grabbing the deck of cards, she started to shuffle letting herself enjoy showing off a bit. A few fancy moves later she seemed to have finally peaked the men’s interest. With a quick move she pulled up the briefcase she had set next to her and opened it so they all could see the pretty pressed $100 bills that filled it. “So pick your poison. Five card or Texas?”
An hour is all it had taken for her to clean out most of the table of their cash. Some had called for more to be brought while others just sat back watching her work in amazement. Nanami had grown up around thieves and played poker with them regularly. It had been a nifty skill she had put to use many times, but this one was different. Across from her sat the one man she had come to meet, Adam. He was good at poker…. Or rather he was good at cheating at poker. “Does Rick know you sneak out to play when he isn’t looking?” She questioned innocently.
“I am not under his thumb, coming to a poker game is my own choice.” Nanami nodded. Being a creature of habit wasn’t a bad thing… but when you are a thief in hiding it is never good to be easily found. In all actuality Nanami almost didn’t come to the poker game in fear that he wouldn’t be there. Luckily he was stupid enough to still keep his vice.
“Oh? Should we call him and find out?” Nanami shot back a smug smile plastered on her lips.
“Why so he can capture you again?”
A thoughtful look crossed her face as she pushed two cards away from her signaling for two more. “To capture me again, wouldn’t he have had to already have captured me?” She looked up at him and smiled. “Oh yes! I almost forgot. It was thanks to you and you’re not being ready for me that helped me get out of my last little bind.”
Adam snarled silently at her obviously pushed by her comment. “It was a slight miss calculation.”
Nanami laughed and nodded. “You seem to have a lot of those. Why he keeps you around still I have no idea. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you got him shot.”
Adam slammed his hand on the table making the other men look on even more confused. “You are the one who brought the gun!”
She was getting to him. Adam was always one to be easily lead into angry bursts. “So I did. I can’t say I am sorry he took a bullet though. Next time I will make sure to be the one holding the gun so it goes right between his eyes instead of his stomach.” Nanami still had no idea where he had been shot but she was fishing and she knew confidence was key.
Adam laughed and pushed a card forward. “Your boyfriend doesn’t have enough aim to even hit him there. I’m sure when his arm gets better he will come back for revenge.”
Nanami smirked. So he was hit in his arm, which meant he wasn’t able to fight back properly. “I will make sure to teach Pretty Boy how to shoot better so next time he can get a better one in.” She threw a handful of chips into the middle of the table and looked back down at her hand. “Can’t have Rick getting away again.”
“You won’t have time to teach him when I tell Rick you were here.”
“Oh? You are going to tell him you snuck out to play poker and were found by the one person he was trying to avoid for the time being?”
Another silent snarl covered Adam’s face. “If I catch you then he won’t care if I didn’t listen to orders.”
“Ah, and your true intentions come out. Use the girl as a gift to keep you from being beaten to death yourself.” Nanami laughed. “How about this,” She laid her cards down and leaned back in her chair. “You win, I will go with you to Rick and you can use turning me over as your way to escape… but if I win. You give Rick a message for me.”
Adam’s eyes lit up at the chance to make it back on Rick’s good side. “Sounds fair.”
“Either way Rick will get what he wants.” Nanami leaned forward placing her head on her hands. “Deal?”
With a triumphant look Adam pushed the remaining of his chips into the middle. “Deal.”
Nanami copied his movement before gesturing for him to go. “Age before beauty dear.”
The other men at the table chuckled and watched curiously at the two’s encounter. “5-9 club straight.” Adam laid his cards down and started to pull the pile towards himself. “Looks like we should be on our way to meet up with Rick.”
Nanami laughed loudly and nodded. “Indeed you should hurry to Rick. It looks like you have a message to deliver.” Adam stopped and looked up at Nanami in surprise. “Royal flush… in hearts if you want to know.” She laid out her cards and pulled the pile of chips out of the shocked Adam’s grip. A man in the corner walked over with a large duffle bag handing it to Nanami. “Ooo look more money for me. Guess I won’t need to go get any diamonds for a little while.”
With a smile she stood from the table and walked around to stop behind Adam. “Oh! I almost forgot. Give this to your boss.” She handed him a piece of paper out of her back pocket and started her way towards the door.
“Hey! Missy!”
Nanami turned around to look at the men at the table. “Yes?”
“Who are you?” The man from earlier asked.
“Ah! I never did introduce myself did I. I am Nanami.” She looked at them just long enough for the looks of recognition to cross their faces before she waved over her shoulder as she left the room.
Levi stared down at the offensive piece of paper that he had just handed her. Jin felt as if he had gone on to autopilot. His emotions had been rubbed so raw the last few years that he was amazed he was even able to stand on his own two feet. How could she decide to just end it like this? How could she justify giving up her life for his? What about how he felt? How would he be able survive knowing he was able to move on with his life while hers was cut short?
“Hey.” Jin was snapped out of his own thoughts when Yoongi patted him on the back. “We will find her hyung, don’t worry. Levi isn’t going to let Nanami do something stupid like this.”
Before Jin could open his mouth to respond, Levi started the same round of questions she had been asking Jackson for the last ten minutes. “Are you sure she didn’t even let anything slip? A place? A time? Anything?”
Jackson sighed and threw his head back. “I told you Lev, she didn’t say anything. She just told me to deliver these to you tomorrow and she would be gone for the night. That was all.” He paused for moment then clapped his hands. “I almost forgot! She was telling me about the group of fan girls that have been following her everywhere. She said something about them not knowing space and recording every step she made. If anyone knows where that girl disappeared to it would be them.”
Levi hadn’t even waited for the last sentence to leave his lips before Jin watched her race towards her computer. He watched in amazement as her fingers flew over the keys and different pages started to open. “Found it!” Jin almost tripped over himself trying to get to the computer. “Seems these girls have been following her since you posted the video. Looks like one of them is always around her.”
“So one of them would be with her now?” Jin couldn’t help the slight excitement that bubbled up in the pit of his stomach.
“Sadly no. If Nanami is going to have the final confrontation with Rick, then she would be sure to shake off anyone who was following. She wouldn’t risk innocence getting hurt.” Jin sighed and his heart sunk. “But…. they would know where she was last before she shook them. Which means we would be able to get a general idea of where Nanami is.”
The girl’s voiced on the video talked about where they were and how they hoped Jin would see their videos and be able to work things out with his girlfriend. The picture though, was focused on the long hair and small frame of the girl he loved too much for his own good. There she was, walking only blocks away from his dorm, then another video of her outside of his agency, then another of her at the store buying a bunch of unidentified things. She had been so close and yet he hadn’t been able to find her. Anger replaced the excitement he had just felt and he wanted to hit something. She was so small, so kind, and despite her love of teasing others she wouldn’t hurt a fly… but now she is going to not only hurt someone else but herself as well. For what? For him? The thought made him sick to his stomach. He should be protecting her, not the other way around. Jin sighed and nodded his head. “You try and pinpoint her location and I will get a couple cars ready.” With that Jin set off. He would find Nanami and then he would make her stay… even if he had to tie her up.
Drip….Drip….Drip…. Nanami sat silently on the chair in the middle of the empty warehouse. She remembered when she had moved in here because Adam had tricked Kookie, she remembered when Jin had stuck her on bed rest so he could try to stay away from her, she remembered when he gave in and they both accepted their feelings, she remembered the night she left the letters and the diamonds after the heist she had blackmailed them in to……
“You know we can stay right?” Levi walked up behind Nanami and patted her on the shoulder. “If you really like the guy we can always make it work.”
Nanami turned and smiled at her sister. “I know, but I also know that it will never end well. Even if I do have really strong feelings for the guy, Rick would only ruin it and in the process ruin him as well.” Her eyes drifted over the sleeping form in the bed she had left. It would be hard, she would never admit that this guy was the first to make her question her life, her way of living… but he had. For a moment… only a moment she had thought about turning a new leaf. That maybe they would be able to make it work, but then his face popped into her head. Nanami pulled at the USB around her neck and sighed. “Maybe if I didn’t have this he would leave me alone.”
“Have what?” Levi asked curiously.
“The USB.” Nanami showed her. “I took it for leverage when we left, but he has been searching for it since.”
“What is on it?”
“All of Rick’s bank account information. All of his off shore accounts and hiding places, and strangely a journal of all of the robberies he committed. Never knew he was the type to keep that kind of stuff.” She sighed. “But he apparently doesn’t have any backups of the account information so I sit on Rick’s mound of money. I had no idea he wasn’t organized enough to have a backup of at least his money accounts.”
Levi let out a quiet laugh. “No wonder he keeps following you to the end of the earth.”
“Sadly I don’t think that is the only reason. I Still don’t know why he wants me back other than the USB but I will find out one day. When I finally come face to face with him and we end this thing.”
Levi started heading out of the room and Nanami turned to take one last look at Jin. “Sorry Pretty Boy, but you are far better off this way than with me.” She smiled to herself. “I will keep an eye out for you on the TV. You better be on it soon!” With an enduring smile Nanami made her way out of the door and off to her new hiding place with Levi….
Drip…. Drip… Drip….. Nanami smiled at the thought. “I really should have just left it there. He would have been better off.” She shook her head softly and check the time on her watch. Nanami thought about how she had come back. She remembered the night of the concert and how her heart ached when he looked like he didn’t remember her. That was all it had taken to break her resolve and make her seek him out again. “Stupid heart” She muttered under her breath. “Why don’t you listen to the brain? Hmm?” She laughed at her own actions and shifted in the chair. The night at the hospital when she fought with the idea to stay or leave was still fresh in her mind. Leaving Jin was hard enough, but this time she had decided to leave Levi…….
The smell of disinfectant made her feel queasy. “If I don’t get out of here soon I am going to go crazy.” Nanami threw her head back on the hospital bed pillow and sighed. She knew her frustration was not over the hospital itself but over the decision she must soon make. If she stayed, then Rick would eventually find them and try to pull another stunt like his last one. If she left? Well if she left then he would still try to get to Jin and Levi, but she might be able to get to him first. Could she leave Jin again? Would she be able to make Levi go with her? No, even if she left she decided to leave Levi there.
There was no mistaking how happy Levi was with Yoongi. Nanami knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if Levi got hurt during her battle with Rick, and Rick was after her, there was no reason to drag Levi into it. She could do this on her own. Nanami nodded to herself and closed her eyes. The picture from the gallery hid behind her eyelids and she opened them to stare at the ceiling. Nanami knew that if she went through with that plan then there was no turning back. There was next to no chance she would even make it out alive…. But neither would Rick, and that was the end goal right?
Nanami turned over on her side and flinched at the pain in her thigh. Maybe it was a good thing this happened. The ordeal with Jin and Rick had reminded her of what her life was like. She had almost been so lost in happiness with Jin that she had forgotten that she wasn’t a free person. Rick had followed her without direct contact for so long that she had almost thought she had dreamed of the horror in her past. That was what Jin did to her. He made her forget all of her fears, all of the pain she had once felt, he made her put her guard down and do things she wouldn’t normally do…. And that was half of the problem.
She had been so wrapped up in him that she hadn’t noticed the people with the cameras, she had been so deep in her feelings for him that she had almost forgotten that she was on the run. No, she had to leave. She loved Levi like a sister and Jin and the boys were too important to her for her to let Rick get to them again. What he had done to Jin was unimaginable and still angered her, but what if he had gotten his hands on Kookie or Taehyung? Nanami sighed. None of those boys deserved this and the fans weren’t exactly welcoming her with open arms. Maybe it was better to leave. Let them move on with their lives and protect them from a distance.
The door to her room opened slowly and a nurse peaked her head in. “The doctor said you are free to go tonight if you still wish to do so.”
Nanami looked out the window for a moment her mind finally made up. “I think I will leave tonight.”
Drip…. Drip… Drip…. Nanami sighed. They were all probably angry with her, but she wouldn’t take back her choice even if she could. Nanami peaked at her watched and nodded. There was only 15 minutes left until Rick was supposed to arrive. Her eyes wandered once more around the warehouse and she almost laughed. It was hard to believe that in only 15 minutes this whole building would be the recreation of the Spartan war… only one against… how many would he bring? Nanami knew that he wasn’t able to fight and they all knew the level of skill she posed. Would he go over board and bring a small army? Or would he bring just a handful because it would hurt his pride to bring too many. Strangely Nanami hoped for the small army. Taking out all of them would mean less of a chance for a rebuttal later down the line for Levi, but too many here tonight would make it tough on Nanami. Could she really do it? Would she be able to take them all out without killing herself in the process? She laughed and looked up at the leaky roof. No, she wouldn’t be able to take them all out, but as long as she took out Rick and a nice number of them she would be satisfied.
The sound of footsteps filled her ears and Nanami looked down a bright smile spreading across her lips. “And here I thought you wouldn’t show up.”
“You so graciously invited me. Who would I be to ignore the chance to meet with you one on one.” Rick’s right arm was in a sling and his gun had moved over to his left hip.
He had always told Nanami that learning to use a weapon with both hands could come in handy one day. Sadly, he had taken his own advice.
Nanami laughed. “You expect me to believe you came alone, with your arm like that?” She pointed at the sling and shook her head. “You honestly can’t tell me you thought I was that dense.”
A wide grin turned Rick’s face into something you would only see in horror movies. A trail of goosebumps creeped up Nanami’s arms and she shivered involuntarily. “I guess it would be rude of me to pretend otherwise.” Rick raised his left hand and within moments a large group of men came walking out of the shadows.
“Oooo, an army? For little ol me?” Nanami blinked innocently at the men as they walked closer to her. Her eyes fell on Adam a gleaming metal bat in his hands, then over the other men, some of which she used to know very well when she was with Rick. Some she used to think she could call friends, but the sad truth was that once you left Rick, you were no more than scum.
“I thought you would appreciate numbers.” Rick dropped his hand to his side. “Now hand over the USB and let’s get going.”
Nanami bit her lip and scrunched her nose as if she was lost in thought. “You know, I said I wanted you to meet me here but I never said anything about going with you or giving you anything.”
Rick sighed and rolled his eyes. “Let’s end this game Nanami. We have been playing it far too long and I would hate to have to bring your heartbroken boyfriend back into it.”
Her jaw clenched and she had to remind herself that it wasn’t time yet. “Why must we bring others into it anyway? Shouldn’t it just be you and me?”
“Well as you can see I am not in the sparing kind of shape, but I am sure some of my men can talk you into it.”
“Ah! I see that the lackey gets it from his master. So rude. You shouldn’t talk to a lady like that you know.” Nanami stood up and took a few steps forward. Adam’s face turned into a scowl and she laughed softly. “Well doesn’t look like we are going to see eye to eye here.”
“I can’t have you running around stealing my prizes under my nose, and I will be needing that USB back. I don’t see any other way to settle this.”
Nanami smirked. “So that is it huh? You have been chasing me not only for the USB but because I am too successful to be out on my own. It either I make money for you or I don’t make any at all?”
“Well aren’t you a quick one.”
“I did learn from the sleaziest.”
“I do have to wonder who taught you your manors though.” Rick sighed.
“This coming from the guy who brought an army to take down one 5 foot nothing girl.” Nanami raised an eyebrow at him.
Nanami brushed off her pants and started to stretch. “Well are we gonna get this started or just stand around and decide who has the worst manors?”
“No I have an appointment with Levi. I am sure that is where you left the USB so let us get this over with shall we?” With one raise of his hand the men behind him all started to move towards Nanami.
Whelp… guess this is the end. Nanami took up a fighting stance and smiled. “I just hope you can get me before someone triggers my plan B.”
Rick looked at her curiously. “Oh I’m sure that won’t be a problem.”
The car sped down the road not nearly fast enough for Jin’s liking. It had taken Levi only an hour to pinpoint the exact location that the girls had lost Nanami, and only a second for all of them to realize where she was headed. Jin silently prayed that he wouldn’t be too late. No one knew what Nanami had planned but something told him that it would all end if they were just a moment too late.
Namjoon sped down the street the clouds of dirt being kicked up causing Jackson in the car behind him to keep a safe distance. Jin once again was amazed at how much all of them had learned from Nanami and Levi when they had been cornered into joining the diamond heist. A soft smile formed on his face as he remembered the times he used to fight with Nanami and how he had tried to isolate her from the other members as well as himself. They had been through a lot together and the thought that it would all be over and he would never see her again scared him more than death itself.
Namjoon pulled into the long drive way and stopped. “Look at all of those cars.” Jin and Levi both looked up in surprise. There had to be at least a dozen cars parked outside of the warehouse.
“Damn it.” Levi breathed. “He didn’t want to take any chances and brought the whole crew.”
“You are telling me Nanami is in there fighting them all alone?” Jin was out of his seatbelt and throwing open the door before Levi was even able to answer his question.
Jackson’s car pulled up behind them and they too started to file out of the car. The sound of a gun going off stopped all of them in their tracks.
“No!” Jin took off running towards the building but he hadn’t even made it to the outer gate before he was thrown with a harsh force to the ground. His eyes opened and took in the scene of the others sprawled out on the floor behind him fire and debris raining down on them from above.
“Nanami!” Levi’s scream seemed to bring him back to his sense and he turned around slowly to take in the horrifying scene himself. Fire consumed the entire building. Black smoke rose in seemingly endless clouds from what was left of the familiar warehouse. Just as Jin stood up again his words caught in his throat a second explosion erupted knocking him flat on his back again.
He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t cry, all he could do was watch the fire eat away at everything it could touch. Levi’s screams could be heard as Yoongi dragged her back to the car and only moments passed before he too was being pulled up to his feet and guided back to the car. “Come on, the police will be here soon, we have to go.”
Jin watched through the car window as Namjoon pulled away. The flames licked at the sky and surrounding trees. The heat from the fire was the only thing keeping him from denying everything. The warehouse grew smaller as he pulled away and so did his shock. Tears flowed freely down his cheek and a pain in his chest had him grasping at his shirt as if it was smothering him. He had been too late; he hadn’t been able to stop Nanami. Jin tried to take a shaky breath but his lungs failed him. He couldn’t breathe, no matter how much he tried his lungs wouldn’t fill with air. He vaguely knew Jimin was talking to him but the darkness was taking over his mind too quickly. “Hyung!” Jin looked up at the younger man’s pain stricken face just before the darkness consumed him.
Well? How are you liking the direction the story is going? Only a couple more chapters and then it is over. How will Jin survive Nanami's death? Will he pull through? Will Yoongi help Levi morn the lose of her best friend? Look forward to Nanami's funeral and Jin's break down in the next chapter. It should be out this Saturday!!
Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoyed it!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!!!
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