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@MarrickeJ33 helped me with this chapter since I was having such huge writers block! Hope this chapter is ok
ASHLEY POV I was hanging out alone since Marricke went out to meet up with her boy Simon and you know what after everything that has been going on I haven't hung out with Jay and he is basically like my brother he took care of me when I first moved out here.I need to call him asap. "Yo what up Ash." "Hey Jay Jay.You and I need to hangout." "Im down.Meet at the cafe?" "Sure.I'll see you in 30."
I quickly left the house catching a taxi and headed to dudart.As I walked in I ordering my usual drink and then headed to Jay's meeting room. "Jay Jay.My favorite person ever."I said going an giving him a hug. "How you doin after everything that's happened?"he asked as we both sat down. "So far so good.I still can't believe what went down." "Same here. I've never seen you like this.Did you really mean the things you said?" "Of course not.I just had to say some mean stuff back."i said taking a drink. "Enough about Simon and I.Now the real question is about you and Marricke." "What you mean?" "Don't play dumb.You really hurt her." "I know and I didn't mean to." "Explain because you did.Jay you had lipstick on your neck and bitches in your lap makin out with them." "The lipstick that night was fake." "Hold the phone. What you mean fake?"i said putting my hand up. "I had Gray put on Hoody's lipstick and kiss my neck." "Wow.He does have nice lips but damn Jay.Does that even make since.Why fake that?" "Every time I would call her she wouldn't pick up, or she would stay on the phone briefly. And then on her off days we would just chill at the apartment cause all she wanted to do was stay home and half heartedly paid attention to me." "Jay I should slap the hell outta you.That makes no sense.Jay you know that no matter what you are important to her. She may not have shown it but she always thought about you. To me, this is a bunch of excuses because y'all are both busy people who love work and have made it work thus far.Now what about the other chick.?"i said crossing my arms. "You know about that?"he asked shocked. "I do go out." "Does Marricke know?" "I was going to tell her but I thought it really wasn't my place to.You should've.I don't get you.You love her but you go out and cheat." "Day Day."he said putting his hands on the table. "Jay Jay.Are you scared?"I asked putting my hands on his. "Me.Scared.Scared of what?" "Scared of committing?" "I might be." "Tell me." "Well I started falling hard for her and I guess I got scared because what if I can't handle being with just one person right now." "So you do all of this and in the end you lose her. Not only did you lose her but you lost her trust and pushed her right into Dok2 arms at that..Not gonna lie.You men are confusing.What does your heart say?" "To marry Marricke." "That's what you need to do.After fixing your relationship with her." "Ok.I will." "Remember you mess this up again I'll be the one to hit you instead of Dok2." "Why are you so violent?" "Me.Never.Just don't piss me off." "I'll remember that.Now let's go shopping.I need new stuff for tour and music videos." "Let's go."
I followed Jay out of the cafe and into his car. "Here."He said handing my the aux. "I have a song for you." "Let's listen." I quickly went to my music and played Ayo by Shinee. "Really??" "It's inspirational.You fall asleep alone try hard to doze off."I sang. I looked at Jay and he wasn't really havin it. "Fine I'll change it.Whodini bout to pop up in this bitch." "Friends.How many us have them.Friends. The ones we can depend on!"Jay and I sang in the car.
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I am not buying jays bullshit he needs to stop and get his shit together just like everyone else
@pandaqueenbee we are!:) @MarrickeJ33 Simon actually brought out the worst
@dayashley11 Simon upset you?! or Jay?! Cause they both be doing stupid things.
@pandaqueenbee What you mean?! We are beautiful angels who are very sweet right @dayashley11? 😂😂
@MarrickeJ33 yes he did:) he just upset me by doing stupid things
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